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thyroid and thyroxine.

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PointlessUsername Mon 13-Jun-16 22:33:34

Hi all,

I started to feel unwell over 3 years ago my first symptoms where 2 stone weightloss over a month and tachycardia after a few trips to A&E I was diagnosed with hashimoto thyroiditis.

At first the endo said watch and wait so sent me back to the gp with a guide as to start levothyroxine when my TSH reached 10 so i was put on 50mg my TSH crept up again to 11 so the thyroxine was upped again too 100.

My last bloods my TSH was 17 so now I am on 150mg thyroxine a day and prescribed amitriptylen for pain.

The ami I have been on around a year 30mg a night and the 150mg thyroxine about six months.

The trouble is I still feel crap my fingers and ankles are so painful all day everyday they are red and hot to the touch and swollen.

My question is should I feel better by now on 150mg?. Or could there be something else going on, I have had a few mild positive ANA test's. I have a horrid rumbly/ shaky feeling inside (even when unmedicated)

I'm at a loss I feel any symptom gets blamed on my thyroid I just want to feel well again.

Maybenot321 Tue 14-Jun-16 10:02:17

Hi OP,
You will probably get loads of advice if you post your question on thyroid uk/health unlocked website instead.
Good luck

PointlessUsername Tue 14-Jun-16 10:56:15

Thank you maybe I will try that.x

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