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4-year-old girl with very sore bottom / genitals ...

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My poor little dd has been really sore for a good few days now, it's left her in tears most of the weekend.

Her bottom is literally red raw around the anus out to a 50p piece size a guess, then the skin along the outside of her labia is also affected.

I've been cleaning her with cotton wool and cold water and putting Sudocreme on to cool it down but it's having no effect.

Any suggestions here? Or do we need to take a trip to the GP?

LIZS Mon 13-Nov-06 13:13:27

Could it be thrush ? Is she night trained ?

morningpaper Mon 13-Nov-06 13:13:55

trip to GP definitely - they will take a swab

DumbledoresGirl Mon 13-Nov-06 13:21:07

My dd is always getting sore around the labia but Sudocrem makes it better every time. If sudocrem isn't working for you, I would suggest a trip to the GP.

7up Mon 13-Nov-06 13:23:37

my 5yearold neice had a really sore bum and wee wee and it was a urine infection that she had tohave 2 lots of antibiotics for, id take her to the docs and get her checked out, poor little thing

She's been without nappies for 18 months at night and she seems good at wiping etc. when I'm not around to supervise.

Sudocrem seems to be doing nothing this time, I agree ddg (hi by the way!) it usually works.

mp if they do a swab what will they be looking for? Thrush? Should I worry about anything else?

DumbledoresGirl Mon 13-Nov-06 13:25:31

IF oh dear, did you used to be someone else?

7up, I didn't think of that. I did wonder about thrush as she's just had a powerful dose of antibiotics for a chest infection and that can sometimes lead to thrush can't it?

Ok, GP it is.

In the meantime does anybody have any soothing suggestions to help? I probably won't get a GP appointment til tomorrow afternoon at the earliest (they don't prioritise kids at my practise) so I'd like to help somehow in the meantime.

long longlegs ago I was. We met on the emet. threads. I bought a stack of blue school tights off you which dd is wearing this winter.

7up Mon 13-Nov-06 13:27:25

i dont know what my sis put on neices sore bits but i know she was red raw and wouldnt let anyone go anywhere near her. very painful.hope she gets better once shes been tothe docs

mrspink27 Mon 13-Nov-06 13:27:29

My dd1 somtimes gets this if she hasnt wiped properly through the course of the day. We generally put Weleda nappy cream on before bedtime and then in the morning and it clears up within 12-24 hours.

lulumama Mon 13-Nov-06 13:27:50

can you get clotrimazole over the counter..will help if thrush..

thanks 7up. She was walking like a penguin yesterday with her bottom clamped shut.

morningpaper Mon 13-Nov-06 13:28:28

you could try canestan if you've got some kicking around - it's probably the most likely thing

They ust do a swab from the labial area (barely touches them) - my dd has had a few infections/thrush - she is very absentminded and seems to fiddle with herself while her hands are covered in jam/rice crispies/compost and I'm sure that's why

mrspink27 Mon 13-Nov-06 13:28:34

Sudocrem makes dd's worse if anything. - forgot to add!

Elibean Mon 13-Nov-06 13:30:17

Poor dd (2.11) had something similar, but not as severe and it sort of came and went. When I posted here, the suggestions were eczema (which I now suspect it was, she gets it elsewhere but mildly), threadworms (I treated all of us and cleaned like a loony just in case, but tbh never saw one in six weeks of checking, she never itched at night, and she still occasionally gets sore/itchy there after two doses of Ovex), allergy to soap, bubbles, loo paper, Kandoo etc, and thrush (tried Canesten on gp's suggestion, and it helped a bit but did'nt get rid of it).

I would go to the GP anyway, it sounds pretty bad, and although our GP could only guess (nothing to see the day I took dd, of course) I felt better for having talked to him about it, and got some suggestions.

Hope she feels better soon!

Clary Mon 13-Nov-06 13:30:56

Could be worms - my children get sore bottoms and with girls it canspread to the genital area.

Threads passim as Private Eye says about this but basically you need to look at her bottom when she is asleep (with a torch) and you will see lots of tiny white threads (yuk) if that’s what it is.

Elibean Mon 13-Nov-06 13:31:22

My bet would be thrush, having read your post re antibiotics now....try Canesten, good luck!

7up Mon 13-Nov-06 13:36:10

just spoke to sis and she said it was actually an allergy,sorry bout that. she got cream from the docs and itcleared up pretty quick

DumbledoresGirl Mon 13-Nov-06 13:43:25

Oh I am sorry IF. I felt I should know you, but I had forgotten your name change!

In answer to your question about what you can do for now, my number one piece of advice would be so get her out of those tights she is wearing! (if she is wearing them!) If she is at home, also get her to take off her pants and just wear a skirt - cool air on the affected area might help and certainly can't harm.

DumbledoresGirl Mon 13-Nov-06 13:45:38

If it is thrush from the ABs (possible - I have had that for that reason before) wouldn't she be itchy rather than sore? I can remember I felt so itchy I could hardly bear the temptation not to scratch continuously...

Yuck, really Clary? She doesn't seem itchy at all but maybe I'll get her a worm tablet just in case and I'll venture that torch thing.

Sudocrem has always worked in the past for dd but I've never seen her sore like this apart from when she was teething as a little baby.

Actually I have got some Canesten and I tried that over the weekend too, under the Sudocrem but it hasn't done anything so far. I just used it once a day rather than twice.

I need to see the GP don't I?

DumbledoresGirl Mon 13-Nov-06 13:49:03

Poor dd, but the answer is yes you do need to see the GP.

Small consolation but your dd shouldn't be too embarrassed at the age she is now - well my boys who have had to show their willies to the doctors more times than I can count, aren't.

DDG, she whips her tights off as soon as she gets in - she's only in them for a couple of hours at school. But I'll get her to knock around in just her knickers for the afternoon anyway. She doesn't seem to be itchy at all but I'll double-check that with her. I think she's too sore to scratch and she doesn't want to be touched there at all which I would have thought would be quite soothing if it was itchy. I mean the process of putting cream on even eases the need to itch doesn't it?

mummycan Mon 13-Nov-06 13:53:50

Try Drapolene - my dd (6) still sometimes gets sore - I think it's becuase she waits till the last minute to go to the loo so maybe a bit of leakage and wee is very concentrated and she's in such a hurry to get back to what she's doing that if I ma not there (which I am often not) she forgets to wipe herself properly.

The dreapolene works a treat and is very gentle - gave it to a frien of mine who's DS had the most sore bottom imaginable from diarrhea. Worked a treat.

Good luck


mummycan, can you just get that in Boots?

foxinsocks Mon 13-Nov-06 15:13:42

yes drag her to the GP. We have an ongoing problem with dd and her sore vagina - GP gave us canestan H (which is canestan but with added hydrocortisone for the inflamation) but admitted they had no idea what it was (rather usefully).

There are so many things it could be, it's probably better to get it properly seen to (because you don't want her holding onto her wee if it gets really sore). And I agree with everyone re taking tights off - also make sure her underwear is 100% cotton and there's no soap/bubbles in the bath in the meantime.

fox, she's got some eczema so we never use soap or bubbles and always go for cotton. She also frequently seems to get sore but this is really quite extreme to look at. Has the Canesten HC helped your dd? How old is she?

foxinsocks Mon 13-Nov-06 15:49:34

dd is 6. It helped her initially but never got rid of the problem. I spoke to a friend of mine (who happens to be a GP) who said she thinks dd needs antibiotic cream because she thinks it is possibly a bacterial skin infection because it has now gone on for months.

janinlondon Mon 13-Nov-06 15:53:39

IF - if tights are aggravating the problem, you could try over the knee socks from M&S?

mummycan Mon 13-Nov-06 15:57:14

If - yes you can get it in Boots - it comes in a tub or a tube - the tube/tub is white but the cream inside is pink.

fox, when dd's eczema has got infected she's had a very good antibiotic cream called Fucidin which has worked really quickly.

jan, tights aren't a major problem, she lives in trousers when not at school and I can also send her to school in trousers.

mummycan, I'll pick up some of that cream tonight, thanks for the tip.

Elibean Mon 13-Nov-06 16:23:39

I'm guessing you've tried Fucidin already, IF? It is good stuff, my dh has used it and my dd too, when her eczema got infected. Hmm, interesting that your dd, my dd, and Fox's dd all have eczema to one extent or another, and are all susceptible to sore genitals/anus...wonder if the eczema originally makes them scratch, then the scratches get infected??
dd's flares up when she is under the weather, has eaten too much sugary stuff, etc.
IF, hope the cream helps your dd tonight - I think bright red and raw can be thrush, btw: nto saying it is, but thrush isn't always itchy. Once it takes hold, it can really hurt - and look very red.

Elibean, I haven't tried the fucidin on her bottom actually. I think I'll get her to the GP tomorrow and see what happens then. Yes it is interesting the eczema / sore bottom connection. Dd's eczema has definitely got infected when she's scratched it before. She's way too sore to scratch her bottom though.

7up Tue 14-Nov-06 08:12:08

hows dd this morning?

foxinsocks Tue 14-Nov-06 09:26:12

let us know what the doc says IF (hope you are feeling OK aswell at the moment!)

We've had fucidin before (for another skin infection) - it's funny you mention the eating thing Elibean because dd has now said she has a sore tummy aswell so I'm now wondering whether it's an allergy (they pretty much ruled out a urine infection the last time I took her).

I'll see if it carries on for a few more days and then I suppose I'll have to go back to the GP (again!).

Elibean Tue 14-Nov-06 10:41:03

Poor little girls! Hope today brings relief, post gp IF...let us know what happens. Fox, does your dd's soreness come and go? If so, it might be related to eczema and/or food allergies? My own dd's is pretty mild - not been more than a minor nuisance so far, but definitely she gets more eczema-ish when she eats a lot of sweet stuff (ie Halloween, birthday party) or gets a cold or other viral illness. And that seems to include labia, and a little bit around anus/vaginal opening.

foxinsocks Tue 14-Nov-06 10:46:44

yes it comes and goes. This bout has been with us (on and off) for months and months now (poor child). I had to go and speak to her teacher because she was scratching so much.

Would you mind if I asked a graphic question? Dd is itchy/red (but not bright red) and swollen on the inside of her labia (and sort of lumpy bumpy) - is that where your dd's get sore?

I so hope it isn't more allergies. I was really hoping we had put most of that behind us. I may cut out dairy (she had a dairy/egg/soya allergy till quite recently) and see what happens. Yes, I think it comes back when she is run down.

I've got an appointment with the GP for later this afternoon, so I'll let you know what she says.

It's less flame red this morning but still quite sore-looking. I wondered if it was clearing up by itself but I think I'll take her to check it out anyway.

Fox, what you've described as red with raised bumpiness sounds very like dd's rash, only at the moment it's extremely bad, particularly around the anal area. I don't know what makes her eczema flare up, I've tried really hard to pin it down to all kinds of things and never really managed it.

foxinsocks Tue 14-Nov-06 14:33:41

that canestan HC definitely helped with the redness but it leaves the bumpy bits (which I'm sure is what is causing the itching)

will be interested to hear how you get on - your poor dd

3littlefrogs Tue 14-Nov-06 15:32:14

Tummyache plus sore bottom/genitals often equals threadworms, whether you can catch them in the torchbeam at night or not! Sometimes you don't see them, but it doesn't mean they are not there. I have treated my dd in the past when she has had soreness and discharge - instant overnight relief, but never saw the culprits.HTH

Elibean Tue 14-Nov-06 15:59:56

Fox, no bumpiness on my dd.....sometimes obvious eczema-like pinkness on outer labia, and slightly-too-red inside, esp. at back bit of vaginal opening. Occasionally bit pink round her anus, too, but usually only after a hot bath - not sure if that counts.

I took the threadworm possibility on board and DID treat dd, but it was hard to tell if it had any effect on her itching or not: it wasn't severe enough to begin with, and it comes and goes anyway. And it certainly came back within a few days (2 or 3) of taking Ovex - which I'm sure is too fast for re-infestation with worms.

Since then, I've noticed she can go a week or two with no itching, then have a day or two of it - and it does always seem to coinicide with eczema flare ups on her face or arms, and/or a cold. Eczema can look bumpy on other areas, wonder if thats what the bumpiness is on IF and Fox's dds too?? Worms don't cause bumpiness, as far as I know...

I'm so annoyed. My GP was out on an emergency call and didn't make it back to the surgery , they've scheduled me in for 9.30am tomorrow morning but that will mean keeping her off school (she's only there 2.5 hours in the mornings). The thing is, it is looking better but definitely not totally cleared up. Not sure what to do ...

I think I'll give the worming tablets a try, nothing to lose is there?

7up Tue 14-Nov-06 19:18:09

oh god what a pain! id still take her incase it reappears another time and at least you'll know what it is. my ds has been crying most of the day and grabbing his crutch so im going to try and catch his wee in the potty and get it checked out for an infection.good luck

Elibean Tue 14-Nov-06 21:06:16

IF, I'd still take her - very annoying, but probably worth it for peace of mind. And no, you don't have anything to lose with a dose of worm medicine - dd had no side effects whatsoever.

Mind you, weeks of dettolling, washing towels/sheets/underpants endlessly etc did take a toll on me - esp. at 32 weeks pg - and I still don't know if it was all for nothing or not

Elibean Tue 14-Nov-06 21:06:45

7up, hope your ds feels better soon too - sounds painful.

I think I wouldn't mind getting dd's urine checked too, 7up.

I had a look tonight after dd's bath and it's definitely not angry flaming red any more, sort of pale red but covering the same area. She says it doesn't hurt as much today. But I'd still like to know what it was, and yes, I know it might flare up again, but I'm not sure about keeping her off school because of it. I might try to get her in again tomorrow afternoon. Or will I regret it ... decisions, decisions, I never can make them.

mummycan Tue 14-Nov-06 23:43:35

IF - how is your DD? Did you manage to get the drapolene?

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