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Is Ginseng any good against colds?

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milkmoustache Sun 01-Oct-06 17:58:28

I've just started the first cold of the season, and I always get loads more than my fair share, despite being healthy otherwise, eating well etc.
Have tried acupuncture a couple of times, but this time it wasn't helpful, so I need you to let me know if there are any vitamins or supplements which seem to help... even if they just clear colds up a little bit quicker. Thanks!

milkmoustache Sun 01-Oct-06 19:41:11


chocolateshoes Sun 01-Oct-06 19:47:53

I always take echinecea tablets the minute I get the first signs of a cold. It is important that you don't take them all the time - just when you need them. It boosts your immune system to help you fight the cold & seems to stop them developing.

I also take 'Sanddorndaft' which is wild buckthorn juice. It is easily available in German speaking countries. I add it to orange juice as it isn't very tasty!

Ginseng helps to boost your energy levels so again should help fight off a cold.

And plenty of hot lemon!

marz Sun 01-Oct-06 19:52:31

Ginseng is a long term booster....if you were to take it regularly through winter it might help.
As a one off, it is not a cure.

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