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Is anyone taking or has taken symprove for ibs?

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Nellymay Thu 10-Jul-14 16:02:02

If so how are you getting on with it?
I've been taking for nearly3 weeks and am wondering if and when I'll get some results. TMI I know, but I seem to be pooing up to 6 times a day some days - is this ok?

Nellymay Thu 10-Jul-14 21:53:39


Looseleaf Fri 11-Jul-14 17:51:00

Yes- it really helped me for a while but I took it for longer than you. In my case though it turned out to be far better to realise the cause of my ibs- I was reacting to grains in my diet and cutting them out has been the best cure.
I do think Stmprove is good but could be expensive as I took 3 months of it

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