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Weird periods ...

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tessie31082 Thu 24-Apr-14 09:15:17

Sorry if I should have posted this in the menopause section!
I had my DS 13 months ago and it took nearly 10 weeks for the bleeding to stop (probably included a period). 8 months later I had an op to take out a large fibroid. My periods now seem even more irregular (15-42 day cycles lasting 2-7 days) than after birth of DS and I'm not sure if this is normal, in addition to this I have hot 'flushes' mainly at night, I am snappy and obviously tired (DS is quite a good sleeper though). I have also suffered with lower back pain for the last 18 months, I put it down to the way I sleep/being pregnant but the pain is still there 13 months after birth. Are these a sign of the menopause or are they pretty normal?
P.s I am planning on going to gp to have the marina fitted but am unsure I should!

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