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Post partum bleeding

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Kaboomwillhappen Wed 23-Apr-14 11:33:56

Have nc for this, as its kind of embarassing (to me at least). I am now 10+ weeks post partum and thought that finally everything had stopped bleeding. However, I was wrong.
Started what i assumed was a period a couple of days ago but now
Im not so sure. I get discomfort in my bum, then a feeling like
I may pass wind. Instead small blood clots are emitted from my bum. I am now sitting on a towel on a chair for fear of more.
Does this sound like hemerroids? Or something more sinister? I cant get a drs appointment untiil tomorrow.

ilovemybabies123 Wed 23-Apr-14 18:46:22

Hello. I get pain in my bun when I'm on my period too but no idea what that is. Never had clots come from my bum though. I have had piles for literally years which sometimes bleed bright red fresh blood but never clots. Good luck x

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