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Menopause? Please tell me what are your symptoms?

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MyHuckingFormones Fri 04-Apr-14 10:54:14

I'm in my mid 40s, and my GP has been treating me for anxiety/depression for the last few months. But the more I think about it (and I've been keeping a diary to log my symptoms) I think I'm actually just menopausal?

For the last year my periods are still regular but getting increasingly lighter and lighter, just one day of spotting and one day of actual light flow, then just another day of spotting.

I've always suffered with mood swings due to PMS, but for the last year I've noticed it's getting more extreme. The PMS starts about 5 days before AF and I feel very low and hopeless, I crave sweet things and I'm very bloated and constipated (nice). I also feel irrationally anxious and panicked (I'm normally Mrs Outgoing and Confident). This continues through out AF and for a few days afterwards.

Then my mood really improves and I feel normal and calm and optimistic. To the point when I ovulate and for those 2-3 days I feel fantastic, like I'm stoned but incredibly happy.

Then it all starts to slowly slide away until the PMS kicks in. Eventhough I have been on ADs for 3 months this pattern has stayed the same. So really I'm only getting about 10-12 good and normal days per month.

Also several times recently I have had what I 'thought' were anxiety attacks (because my GP is treating me for supposed anxiety/depression), where my whole chest and throat feels white hot, and I sweat for no reason. But could these be just nasty hot flushes, because my heart beat doesn't increase at all? I've noticed I'm much more sweaty generally, and my normal deodrant can't seem to cope anymore.

I'm only vaguely interested in sex for about 5 days a month. And I've had random insomnia which isn't like me at all, I can sleep for England normally.

Do these symptoms sound familiar? What tests can they do to see if I am menopausal? I'm being treated with ADs and CBT, but I think I'm on the wrong path, and really I might need HRT or something?

deedeelondon Fri 04-Apr-14 23:49:35

Your symptoms really do sound like the menopause. A simple blood test will tell.

Seaoftroubles Sun 06-Apr-14 14:29:59

It does sound as if you could be in peri menopause-have a look at will find load of info on there.

1966gettingold Sun 06-Apr-14 17:02:43

Brilliant website called menopausematters it's a forum with lots of lovely ladies, all going mad together.

1966gettingold Sun 06-Apr-14 17:05:36

GPS seem to think everything requires anti ds, cheaper than HRT. I am perimeno and going through hell at the moment it can last anything from 2- 12 bloody years!!!!!!!!!

MyHuckingFormones Mon 07-Apr-14 12:37:10

Thank you for replying smile

I'm feeling a bit better now but then I would anyway, because AF has definitely finished.

But there's still this slight underlying anxiety, and there's really no reason for it. Plus I was at a friend's yesterday and suddenly my face felt so hot and when I went to her loo my cheeks were a very dark pink (but no sweat). Nothing else felt hot, just my head.

It took ages for me to cool down (and her house is never that warm really). I also found out that both my auntie and cousin went through an early menopause in their late 30s, and my own Mum also started the menopause when she was 39 but then had to have a hysterectomy at 40 anyway.

Seeing my GP tomorrow and I'm really hoping he listens. I CANNOT go on feeling like this, it's horrible and spoiling my life.

Peachypossum Mon 07-Apr-14 14:50:58

I have very similar and the dr is checking me for menopause. I'm only 33 sad

BoJolly Mon 07-Apr-14 15:19:37

I'm on the other side of the menopause and recognise all of your symptoms. I had the anxiety to the point of panic attacks and waking up in the night with feelings of dread. There was absolutely no reason for it. I started taking Menolieve (available from Boots) and it made a huge difference. The anxiety & fuzzy headedness disappeared and the hot sweats were much reduced.

Even if it was only a placebo effect - I don't care because it worked smile

alemci Mon 07-Apr-14 15:31:07

may be peri rather than the actual menopause.

I find I am sweaty, flush on my chest at times., itchy breasts, night sweats occasionally but having irregular proper periods, I am 46

MyHuckingFormones Mon 07-Apr-14 18:22:23

How soon did your symptoms stop when you took Menolieve BoJolly?

MyHuckingFormones Mon 07-Apr-14 18:25:52

I'm thinking it's perhaps just peri rather than full menopause, because my periods are still regular just much lighter now?

But I don't want to stay on ADs for these feelings of anxiety and mood swings when really what I need is hormone treatment.

I don't even think my ADs are working that well anyway. I feel very tired on them, and fuzzy headed and actually quite jittery. And I'm wondering if this is because I don't actually NEED them?

I do feel very confused, and just want to know what's going on with my body sad

meditrina Mon 07-Apr-14 18:43:58

Have you seen the menopause topic?

The perimenopause chat thread might be helpful for you.

grimbletart Mon 07-Apr-14 19:04:34

I'm way past the menopause and out the other side. I found the hot flushes and night sweats were at their worst in the lead up to the menopause i.e. in my case from about 47 to 51 (had last period at 51) and diminished somewhat then, though unfortunately they did go on for some years afterwards to a lesser degree. With periods I had the opposite effect to you - very much heavier and more frequent with flooding in my late 40s and then returned to normal amounts and longer and longer intervals until they stopped.

I didn't have any anxiety attacks, mood swings or anything like that - the symptoms were entirely physical for me - "flooding and flushes" is how I'd describe it. I didn't take anything for it because I figured it would simply go away when it had done its thing and i'm not a great one for pills and potions, prefer exercise and ignoring it (not easy when you get caught short in a red tide)! Sorry, to much information there grin

I think it is a very individual thing and you can't really tell how it will be for you until you are in it. I was actually surprised to have symptoms as I had never had PMS or period pains in my life and thought I would therefore sail through meno. How wrong can you be? Serves me right.

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