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Toddler with chesty cough! When to worry?

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Angeliz Sun 01-Feb-04 14:26:40

Hi all,
my dd aged 2.11 has had a cough for about two weeks now. It's a very chesty cough and seems to be getting better then re-appears.
I had her at the g.p about a week and a half ago about related issue but g.p said she seemed fine (though didn't listen to her chest so don't quite know how she reached that conclusion!!).
Anyway, dd is fine in herself and i'm NOT actually too worried but how long should i leave it before i do get worried???
(About chest infection or something??)
Thanks in advance for any replies

sobernow Sun 01-Feb-04 14:41:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Angeliz Sun 01-Feb-04 14:47:04

oh thanks for that sobernow, my two nephews have it too so i assume it's a bug going round. I was just a bit worried incase i had left her ages with it!!! I am giving her Venos at the mo as it seems to help her sleep.
You've reassured me though so cheers+

katierocket Sun 01-Feb-04 14:52:22

angeliz - not to alarm you but I started a similar thread to this a few weeks ago as was worried about my DS (2.4). He had had a cough for about 3 weeks but was fine in himself with no temperature, still eating etc Anyway couple of people suggested taking him just to get it checked out and it turned out that he did have a chest infection (that in fact took two courses of antibiotics to sort out). If she only went week and half ago to GP I'm sure she's fine but might be worth going anyway.

Speaking as a newly converted take-em-to-the-doctor maniac, I'd tend to take her for a check-up too.

However, I'd only be really worried if she is also wheezing between coughs.

Evita Sun 01-Feb-04 15:50:27

I always thought chest infections went hand in hand with a high temperature? They always have with my dd. And general lethargy too.

twiglett Sun 01-Feb-04 15:56:14

message withdrawn

katierocket Sun 01-Feb-04 16:04:50

evita- not necessarily

Angeliz Sun 01-Feb-04 16:36:15

thanks all
i will see how she is tomorrow and may make her an appointment. (may just do it anyway as will probably have to wait a week unless i deem it an emergency!!!)

SofiaAmes Mon 02-Feb-04 01:01:48

It really depends on the child. My ds gets temps of 104/105 with ear infections/chest infections and goes all was pretty frightening the first few times. My dd on the other hand barely breaks 100 and is just a little more crabby than usual (she's usually crabby so it's hard to tell). The last time I brought her in she had nothing, but the time before the gp looked at me in horror and said that she had raging ear infections in both ears and I should have brought her in sooner. The symptoms that I could see were really no different.

FairyMum Mon 02-Feb-04 07:06:55

Generally I look at their overall condition, but if it's lasted this long I would probably get it checked out. IME you can really tell when it goes to the chest, because it sounds very different to a normal cough. It sounds more croupy.

I hope your dd is better soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angeliz Tue 03-Feb-04 16:28:25

Just a quick update I took my dd to Docs this morn as her cough seemed worse! He checked her thoroughly and said her chest was pretty clear and there was no infection! He said it will just be a bug going round as her cousins are coughing too!
I am so releived as i was geting quite worried!I think it may be the same as your bug though twiglett as it's over two weeks now and the cough is still awful!!

katierocket Tue 03-Feb-04 16:35:35

glad to hear it angeliz.

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