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Breath smells of pear drops /sweet tea!!

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Nemo1977 Mon 01-May-06 22:15:35

Have noticed a few times this smell on my DS [2.6yrs] He has never drunk tea or eaten pear drops but the smell is very noticable. I vaguely remember it being an indication of something but dont remember what.

He does not eat much at all but is always thirsty. Drinks a lot of milk and water [about 4 ints altogether in 24 hrs}He goes from a bouncing ball of energy to lethargic but I put that down to a lack of food to sustain energy.

soapbox Mon 01-May-06 22:17:20

Isn't that a sign of being in ketosis? That is when the body isn't getting enough carbs and is living off the fat stores/protein?

How well is he eating? Is he having a good mix of different food stuffs?

PanicPants Mon 01-May-06 22:17:34

Is it diabetes?

Not sure but it's something like. I could be very wrong though so don't want to worry you!

hoxtonchick Mon 01-May-06 22:17:34

a pear drop smell can be a symptom of diabetes, as can drinking a lot. if i were you i'd take him to the gp, they can do a urine test for diabetes very easily. hth, & let us know the result.

Ledodgyherring Mon 01-May-06 22:17:35

It's ketones and can be a sign of diabetes i'd take him to the gp to make sure.

PanicPants Mon 01-May-06 22:18:36

I'd take him to Gp, especially as he drinks a lot.

Ledodgyherring Mon 01-May-06 22:19:48
Jimjamskeepingoffvaxthreads Mon 01-May-06 22:20:38

It shows that he's low in sugars. DS1 gets like this if he doesn't eat anything (and then he's sick- for days- triggers migraines). You should get it checked at the GP though to rule out diabetes. It can make light headed anyway to be producing ketones. Worth checking out, although don't worry too much overnight about diabetes- he'd be on the young side for it- he may just need to eat more (obviously 2 year olds burn off energy rapidly)

Nemo1977 Mon 01-May-06 22:21:27

thanks all..will make him an appointment tommorow.

edam Mon 01-May-06 22:21:36

Go and see your GP. IIRC pear drops smell is ketones (when your body is using its fat stores as source of energy). This can be a sign of diabetes. Obviously I'm not a doc and don't want to panic you, but it is definitely worth checking this out.

Found this link for you:


Nemo1977 Mon 01-May-06 22:26:32

im not overly worried but just want it to be sorted if it is diabetes or anything else. Just looking at the site and can actually tick of a few things for him so will ask GP to check ketones

Nemo1977 Mon 01-May-06 22:27:49

ok bit of a tmi but would diabetes make his urine smell strongly aswell?

Ledodgyherring Mon 01-May-06 22:29:42

It could be both or either or, get him checked out anyway. I'm on msn if you want to chat.

Nemo1977 Mon 01-May-06 22:36:21

lol thought I was signed in

LillyPink Mon 01-May-06 22:37:55

yes diabetes would make his urine smell too, I think it is likened to an ammonia type smell.

My dd was recently diagnosed diabetic, she was drinking a lot and weeing a lot before diagnosis. Has he lost any weight?

Fingers crossed he gets all clear


Nemo1977 Mon 01-May-06 22:40:15

lilly he hasnt lost weight as such but has only put on 2lb since he turned 1. So he is 28lb at the minute.

LillyPink Mon 01-May-06 22:41:06

What other symptoms did you tick off?

Nemo1977 Mon 01-May-06 22:41:27

btw how old is your DD?
Does she have to take insulin or just check blood sugars?

At least its treatable and no major concerns until he would be older.

LillyPink Mon 01-May-06 22:43:24

DD was five in Feb. She has twice daily insulin injections, regular blood glucose checks and a controlled diet. Yes, its not the end of the world but quite daunting and upsetting in the beginning. Hope he hasn't got it.

Nemo1977 Mon 01-May-06 22:44:03

he keeps complaining his stomach and head hurts but it is constant then he doesnt say.
Sounds silly he has also been very clumsy the past couple of months.
Breathing hard at times especially if he has been playing but to be honest I thought he was putitng it on because I am asthmatic and my 4mth old dd was just in hospital with bronchilitis and now has inhalers.

LillyPink Mon 01-May-06 22:49:36

I think that the breathing hard thing (IF hes diabetic) is something to do with the body struggling to deal with vast amounts of glucose in the blood.

My DD wasn't noticeably tired, constantly dragged her feet walking to school and I'd moan at her to hurry up etc, and get quite cross with her, but it must have been such a slow build up cos now shes on insulin she has bundles of energy.

The docs said that she would have been feeling quite poorly in general, but she never complained!!

Don't want to worry you though, he may not be diabetic, but get him seen asap because very high sugar levels are not good.

KristinaM Mon 01-May-06 22:50:07

nemo - you need to get this checked out. 2 is not too young to get type 1 diabetes. If ( a big IF)he does have it he will have to take insulin - its no big deal once you all get used to it and he will feel much better. Honest. Dont worry, people with diabetes live a totally normal life.

Nemo1977 Mon 01-May-06 23:00:22

thanks kristina and lilly.
I had notcied that he has been a lot more grouchy and aggressive the past month or so too but again put it down to being a 2yr old with a fairly new sister

KristinaM Mon 01-May-06 23:04:20

Mind you I have a grouchy and agressive 2 yo who has a new brother and he has no symptoms of anything

Nemo1977 Mon 01-May-06 23:06:13

lol kristina..bless him. Hard isnt it!

LillyPink Mon 01-May-06 23:08:41

Yes, don't worry too much Nemo - a two year old with a new sister is sure to be acting differently.

Don't forget that his sypmtoms could be something else, an infection of some kind or something.

take a urine sample if poss to the doctors and they can tell you straight away.

Good luck!

Nemo1977 Mon 01-May-06 23:11:12

lilly was thinking that..just unsure what to contain it in..should have a pot

LillyPink Mon 01-May-06 23:29:51

Yeah think any container is fine as long as its clean. Or get a sample pot from the chemist. They can never wee on demand can they!

Oh well, night Nemo! Let us know how you get on.

Nemo1977 Tue 02-May-06 10:55:24

Ds has an appointment tommorow afternoon. Thing is this morning the smell isnt there..would it be constant or not?

LillyPink Tue 02-May-06 15:01:51

I don't know tbh. He is probably OK Nemo. (I didn't smell anything on dd's breath) Don't worry unduly. You will know one way or the other tomorrow.

EvesMama Tue 02-May-06 15:08:34

this may have been said but my first aid tutor told me a common 'taste' before having a fit was pear drops or the smell of cut grass??prob no help..sorry!

KristinaM Wed 03-May-06 07:05:22

nemo - how did you get on at the doctors?

anorak Wed 03-May-06 07:41:39

Hi Nemo, these symptoms sound very very like diabetes to me too. My brother was diagnosed at the age of 4, he displayed many of these symptoms. The most noticeable symptom was a raging thirst though. He would ask for drink after drink of water and then we would find him with his head under the tap, drinking.

He is now 35 and a father of two by the way!

Nemo1977 Wed 03-May-06 14:08:29

hi all
been to the gps and his ketones are fine so the dr said it must just be one of those things. He did a check over of him but kept asking DS if he was in pain. Tried to explain Ds uses hurting as he is only 2.6yrs but Gp kept asking pain so of course Ds just looking at him Hey ho he hsaid to keep an eye on it and bring him back if we need to.

chapsmum Wed 03-May-06 14:26:37

nemo hiya!! FWIW that smell comes when the body burns fat instead of carbohydrate, it can sometimes happen after particularly strenous exercise.
Glad you got it checked out though

Nemo1977 Wed 03-May-06 14:29:36

thanks chapsmum...we did think it was something like that but it seems to be quite frequently happening which was the only concern.

chapsmum Wed 03-May-06 14:31:25

and rightly so,
If it makes you fell any better I smell like that every time I get home from the gym... which is less and less often theses days.
More fluids and regular snacks may help..

KristinaM Wed 03-May-06 16:26:03

glad to hear you got good news nemo. how is DS?

Nemo1977 Wed 03-May-06 19:17:27

he is tired and ratty and still smells funny so dont know what it is. He hasnt eaten anything today so will see what happens tommorow.

chapsmum Wed 03-May-06 20:41:32

he will smell like that if he is not eating, try little bits and often.
Perhaps he is having a growth spurt which could explain the clumsyness and the yo yo ing in energy....

LillyPink Wed 03-May-06 21:59:16

Excellent news Nemo! I had my fingers crossed for you earlier!

katyrocks Thu 04-May-06 09:13:59

nemo, just a thought, but sugar puffs make breath and wee smell sweet, and some other wheat based sweet cereals, could it down to this? hope all is ok

Nemo1977 Thu 04-May-06 09:43:17

hi katy DS doesnt really eat cereal. He will eat some bread or ham but tends to be limited in what he will eat. He will drink milk or water until forever and a day if you offer it he will drink it.

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