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If your toe has green pus and blood coming from it......

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Aimsmum Sat 18-Mar-06 12:31:18

Message withdrawn

alliebaba Sat 18-Mar-06 12:32:06

is it your toe nail? i'd see the nurse if you can. sounds painful you poor thing

Aimsmum Sat 18-Mar-06 12:35:00

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl Sat 18-Mar-06 12:35:45

Message withdrawn

Finbar Sat 18-Mar-06 12:40:20

get it into some salted water asap.
esp if you can't get to see a GP soon.
good luck

Aimsmum Sat 18-Mar-06 12:46:55

Message withdrawn

BadHair Sat 18-Mar-06 12:55:54

If you can't get a GP appt ask to see the practice nurse. If nothing else he/she will be able to dress it and if serious should refer you straight through to Dr.
Poor you, hope you get it sorted soon.

nulnulcat Sat 18-Mar-06 13:09:23

im a qualified beauty therapist and it sounds like you have a bacterial infection of your nail, you need to get to gp for antibiotics in the meantime cover it with some sort of dressing as it will be infectious

Aimsmum Sat 18-Mar-06 13:12:14

Message withdrawn

yummimummy Sun 19-Mar-06 04:41:51

You have something called paronychia.
If the pus is draining well and your toe is no longer painful and the redness is subsiding it sounds as though it is clearing up itself and you won't need antibiotics.
If it is not improving though I would see your GP on Monday.

yummimummy Sun 19-Mar-06 05:05:39

PS keep it clean and covered and soak in a warm salt bath twice daily.
good luck

NannyL Sun 19-Mar-06 09:33:13

that was my hand a few weeks ago...

a bit later it was soooo painful i honestly did not know what to do with myself.... was in agonay and couldnt move hand

Got to Drs who gave me ABs..... was told if they didnt work id be in hospital on IV ones.... and if this was 100 years ago i would now be dead

Go to DR ASAP.... i doubt it will get better by itself...

my bosses freind had the same thing with his hand.... was on holiday and "left it".... nearly had to have his whole arm amputated.... Im seriouse!

Aimsmum Sun 19-Mar-06 11:31:43

Message withdrawn

alliebaba Sun 19-Mar-06 11:32:22

sorry i missed your reply yesterday. hope your gammy toe gets better soon

Aimsmum Sun 19-Mar-06 11:46:17

Message withdrawn

mum2sam Sun 19-Mar-06 15:09:55

They may just give you some antibioctic cream

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