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anyone else got streaming eyes/constant sneezing - can it be hayfever already?

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sincitylover Fri 25-Mar-11 14:50:47

A few weeks back I thought that I was reacting slightly to tree pollen however today since getting to work my eyes have been streaming and constant urge to sneeze or sneezing.

Not sure if it's hayfever or Im coming down with cold

snap. silly tickly cough too. I think the sunshine has brought pollen out in full force. I guess the best way to tell is to take an antihistamine and see what happens.

Sidge Fri 25-Mar-11 16:19:40

I thought I was coming down with a cold since Tuesday this week, but it's not.

I have dry itchy eyes (can't wear my lenses for long), a sore throat, a tickly cough and a tickly nose.

I don't usually get hayfever but the last year or so I have noticed that I seem to be developing the symptoms. This week it seems to have been triggered by the grasscutting on the area outside.

I have been taking an oral anthistamine and even resorted to using DD1s blue inhaler today which really helped! (I had an exam and didn't want to be coughing all the way through!)

casawasa Fri 25-Mar-11 16:24:15

I have a sneezy problem too all year round. Had tried antihistamines and Beconase nasal spray over the years but no effect really. My DH eventually sent me to the Doc as the family was fed up listening to me sneezing

The Doc prescribed Nasonex which I take every day. It has really changed my life! I no longer have people staring at me in shops when I set off on a sneezing fit. I would def recommend it.

sincitylover Fri 25-Mar-11 16:29:47

thanks for the tip - I have taken an antihistamine but it hasn't stopped yet.

I will try the Nasonex

Im going out tonight as well and look like I am really upset/have been crying

ooo, I ought to look into nasonex. Thanks

sincitylover Sat 26-Mar-11 17:40:53

very weird - absolutely nothing today

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