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Anybody or their child had a verruca treated recently?

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Mandy2003 Tue 22-Mar-11 12:18:40

I'm sure I read somewhere that they won't be treated at GP's surgeries any more due to cost cutting and the fact that verrucas are now viewed as a cosmetic problem. How something that infects other children is cosmetic is totally beyond me but hey ho!

Well, my son has one that's actually causing him problems with walking and sport now. Although he's had it for a couple of years he said it's now "gone internal" under the surface and hurts much more.

I did try the home freezing stuff for about 3 months but it made not a jot of difference.

So where do I start to get some treatment for him?

stripeytiger Tue 22-Mar-11 12:48:37

Hi Mandy2003. My dd had two one on each foot. Hers seemed quite deep too and after applying gel which didnt work I eventually took her to see the nurse practitioner. She confirmed that they no longer treat them at the surgery and suggested using a different gel (sorry can't remember what its called) This worked within a few days.

Have you tried various gels or just the one? I will have a look and see if I can find out the name of the one we used.

stripeytiger Tue 22-Mar-11 12:51:36

Just found it - it was Bazuka that worked and a Scholl one that didn't.


sieglinde Tue 22-Mar-11 13:30:29

I went to a chiropodist who burned it off with dry ice. It was MEMORABLY painful and I really don't recommend, but I'd tried every gel going.

Mandy2003 Tue 22-Mar-11 13:49:45

I remember going to a chiropodist over and over again for the course of treatment for one verruca when I was a child. Pretty sure that treatment involved a knife though!

Then many years ago I had one treated at the GP's with dry ice. It didn't work then, and eventually it got better on its own I think after about 2 years.

It is ActiFreeze that I've used on DS unsuccessfully. Have not tried Bazuka yet. But will any of these be any good now its gone "internal"?

I am afraid that if we have to go to a private chiropodist it will be expensive. I can't work much at the moment due to disability and we have a NHS exemption card (although no-one under 16 has to pay NHS charges), I would like an NHS treatment as can't afford private.

My dd had one that just wouldn't go away. We went to the doctor but he only gave us a photocopy of things which we could try.
Eventually it annoyed her so much that I cut it out. She wasn't happy about it but she was afterwards when it was gone and stayed away. It would depend what sort of state it was in whether you could do this or not though and if it has gone internal I imagine it would be very difficult.
We also found the home freezing painful and completely useless.
Have you asked the pharmacist what to do. Everyone has their own tips. One that a chiropodist told me was to use duct tape on it - to seal it up completely and keep the tape on there and it would just come off. Would that be an option?

grumpypants Tue 22-Mar-11 13:56:53

I would file it down, and then use bazuka extra strnght - this worked for dd.

Mandy2003 Tue 22-Mar-11 14:07:28

Ah yes, duct tape - I heard about that treatment ages ago.

bogle Tue 22-Mar-11 14:08:35

break a dandelion stem in half and apply the white stuff directly to verucca. This really does work.

I take it you don't like that idea Mandy? I am stumped for other suggestions - hence the cutting out of said nasty in dd's foot. blush

Mandy2003 Tue 22-Mar-11 16:29:42

Aw Carrot sorry, there was meant to be a slap the forehead or Doh! smiley there! Ooops there isn't, what I meant was that's something I've heard of that I might try!

Lizzywishes Tue 22-Mar-11 21:50:41

Bazooka extra strength and filing worked on some v large stubborn ones on my DD, but you have to keep going for ages, long after you think it's gone, or it creeps back!

Sorry Mandy - someone had a go on another thread. I shouldn't have taken my paranoia here. blush

Just spotted this mandy which may have a useful gem in it here

boosmummie Wed 23-Mar-11 14:38:39

We have the most fantastic product here in Spain, which I think you can actually get there. It really does work. DD2 had a big problem with one and I bought half of Boots trying to get rid with no joy, then bought this stuff and it's gone. It's called Antiverrugas ISDIN solution. I'm sure I've seen ISDIN products over there, but the make-up is (per 100ml) Salicilic Acid - 16.7g, Lactic Acid - 16.7g. If you can't and have no joy, PM me as I'm back in a couple of weeks and can bring and send to you if you like. Lasts for ever. HTH and hope you can find some.

KateF Wed 23-Mar-11 14:43:52

DD2 was plagued by them and they were spreading over both feet. GP wouldn't treat and after trying everything under the sun including gels, home freezing, banana skin, duct tape etc I took her to a private chiropodist. After 4 treatments they are almost all gone but it will have cost me over £100. If the first one had been treated it need not have got to that point.

boosmummie Wed 23-Mar-11 14:49:25

Maybe I should bring a suitcase of the stuff with me!!!!!

TractorTrailerCombineBaler Wed 23-Mar-11 14:49:34

I had a bad one on my foot a few years ago and had it treated at the chiropodist, I seem to recall it took a few months for it to go & he used something called a Silver Nitrate pen (you can buy it from big pharmacies eg Boots) which you rub onto it, which didn't hurt but got rid of it much more effectively than Bazuka etc. When I got another one (curtesy of forgetting to take my flipflops with me for wearing in the changing rooms after swimming) a year or so later I bought a silver nitrate pen, about £4, and followed the instructions to the T and it got rid of it within a few weeks.

See link

Hope that helps

Verruca Fri 25-Mar-11 16:16:25

Looks like another opportunity to plug my fledgling website,!

Keen to hear new or old treatment methods so I can research them and spread the word.

If its of any interest, I had my verrucas for three years and the only treatment that got rid of them were the silver nitrate pens. Quick warning though - Silver Nitrate stains bedsheets!


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