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can ear wax make your ear hurt?

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LadyCodofCodford Thu 06-Oct-05 20:07:07

ds2 has complained about a sore ear for months now
thought he was making it up
then he got an ear infection adn we treated that wth antibiotics

his ear is stilll later very sensitivea dnt here looks to be a lto of wax in there - coul this be casueing hte pain?

WigWamBam Thu 06-Oct-05 20:11:04

Yes it can, if there's enough of it. If there#s a lot of it you can end up with an infection building up behind the wax.

How's his hearing - if it's a lot of wax that's causing the pain it might be making him a bit hard of hearing as well.

LadyCodofCodford Thu 06-Oct-05 20:11:45

no seems ok
its just if its knocked or when he takes his jumper off

WigWamBam Thu 06-Oct-05 20:12:32

Might still be the wax. Another trip to the GP, maybe.

gingernut Thu 06-Oct-05 20:23:12

Yes, agree with WWB. Ear wax can make your ear quite sore. But it might also be something else - best to get it checked.

LadyCodofCodford Thu 06-Oct-05 21:51:21

ta I msut do this
thign is as its intermittent i forget about it till t he next time

scaryman Thu 06-Oct-05 21:54:22

Hope ds is better soon Cod.

I can't help it, everytime i see a thread about ears or hearing, I just want to type "Pardon?". I've resisted the urge so far though.

LadyCodofCodford Thu 06-Oct-05 21:54:36

good gag tho!

scaryman Thu 06-Oct-05 21:56:26

Yep, it's an oldie but a goodie! The amount of times I've had to stop myself ...

LadyCodofCodford Thu 06-Oct-05 21:58:05

i wnat to type "yes" ont he " am i unreasonable" threads

have typed " eat less" tot he "! how do i lose weight " threads

scaryman Thu 06-Oct-05 22:04:16

Pmsl. Quite often I just work my way down the list of active convo's giving my really helpful one word answers - yes, no, bollocks etc. Might actually do that tomorrow.

LadyCodofCodford Thu 06-Oct-05 22:05:42

me too

LadyCodofCodford Thu 06-Oct-05 22:05:58

dare we try now?
ill back you if it turns bad

LadyCodofCodford Thu 06-Oct-05 22:06:38

trya dn get all of them in one hit

GeraldGiraffe Thu 06-Oct-05 22:07:38

ooh might join you

scaryman Thu 06-Oct-05 22:07:50

Go on then. Every thread on active convos? You start at the top, I'll start at the bottom.

LadyCodofCodford Thu 06-Oct-05 22:08:09

scry who are oyu normally

GeraldGiraffe Thu 06-Oct-05 22:08:24

scary who are you normally?

LadyCodofCodford Thu 06-Oct-05 22:08:26

ok giraffe int eh middel where your head reaches

MrsSpoon Thu 06-Oct-05 22:09:04

I've been to the Dr with terrible earache before and been told it was wax, eurrgh.

scaryman Thu 06-Oct-05 22:09:35


LadyCodofCodford Thu 06-Oct-05 22:09:54

lol am fidning this funny!

LadyCodofCodford Thu 06-Oct-05 22:10:44

its flipping thw hwole of acvtiev convos

scaryman Thu 06-Oct-05 22:12:54

Me too, crying with laughter at some of these.

LadyCodofCodford Thu 06-Oct-05 22:13:18

lol at me then posting after wyou on playgroup thread

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