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help i dont know whats wrong with me - abdominal pains

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juicychops Wed 13-Oct-10 19:26:46

i have bad abdominal pains a lot like period pains. about 4.30pm today i laid down as i felt really sick (was sick last night and had terrible nausea that i haven't had for a long long time)

anyway, since 4.30 ive had really bad 'period' pains getting stronger then easing off again then creeping back up to painful again. It is pretty much all over but particularly noticable in the right hand side. The cramping is making me feel sick when its bad i dont know what it is.

i was due on my period on Saturday but have not yet come on so i dont know if this is a whole big build up and thats why its painful? i dont know. please has anyone got any suggestions as to what it could be?

if it carries on im going docs tomorrow morning

juicychops Wed 13-Oct-10 19:30:01

they are now mostly gone for now, but i knwo they will be back very soon

Frrrrightattendant Wed 13-Oct-10 19:38:45

Okay, could you be pg? Have you tested? If you have a spare test in the cbd, do it now.

Rule that out. Other two things that spring to mind are appendicitis or ectopic pregnancy. I know very little about either but I would try to be seen tonight if the pain is very bad.

Have you got an out of hours near you? Is anyone with you?

Frrrrightattendant Wed 13-Oct-10 19:39:58

RH side is classic appendicitis. I'm trying to link in the absent period here though - it may or may not be related.

TitsalinaBumSquash Wed 13-Oct-10 19:42:09

If you push on your right side where its hurting does it hurt more to push in or let go?
My appendacitus hurt a lot more to 'let go' thats how the dr's knew what it was.

juicychops Wed 13-Oct-10 19:44:55

ive just had a little prod around and it doesn't seem to be making anything hurt at the moment as the cramping has died down for now - its just a constant dull ache. Im hoping its not my appendix

amidaiwish Wed 13-Oct-10 19:49:20

seriously do a pg test. if it is ectopic you need to be seen fast. is 4/5 days late, late for you iykwim?

DanceOnTheDarkSide Wed 13-Oct-10 19:51:26

Do a test to rule out ectopic - however small the chance that you could be pg.

TitsalinaBumPumpkin Wed 13-Oct-10 19:55:52

I think you would know if it was your Appendix.

Is there any chance at all you could be pregnant? Test anyway, ectopics can be very serious.

juicychops Wed 13-Oct-10 20:01:33

i just did some googling and had eptopic screaming at me too which has scared the shit out of me.

yes there is a small chance i could be pregnant as i started last month's pack of pills late due to running out and having to wait a week for a docs apointment - so this month's might not have worked properly

the cramping is coming back again now, although not bad in my side just yet. its really horrible i hate it when it is just period pains let alone the risk of a dangerous pregnancy.

i dont want to be pregnant it would be my worst nightmare 9yes i know thats why i should have been more careful with my pill). ive also got an exam next tuesday which im struggling to revise for as it is now this

i feel poo. wanna go and get a test but my dp isn't round until gone 9pm

juicychops Wed 13-Oct-10 20:02:02

ectopic even

amidaiwish Wed 13-Oct-10 20:07:34

i don't want to frighten you but if i were you i would go to A&E fast.

LowLevelSlashing Wed 13-Oct-10 20:08:45

My first thought was appendicitis as your symptoms sound similar to mine - nausea, pain starting off lower abdominal ("period pains") and moving to the right side. You won't necessarily know if it's your appendix - mine was not detected early enough and 'burst' inside me...

Whether it's ectopic, appendicitis or something else, I really think you should get it checked out. At least phone the out of hours doc or NHS Direct. Please.

Hope you are OK.

juicychops Wed 13-Oct-10 20:10:08

been doing some googling if hypathetically i am pregnant does it sound like it could just be non-serious uterus cramping? or does it sound worse than that?

IMoveTheStars Wed 13-Oct-10 20:11:34

Please ring NHS direct and ask for advice - 0845 4647.

Hope you're OK

IMoveTheStars Wed 13-Oct-10 20:13:00

Do you have any other symptoms?

Are you able to get a pg test quite soon?

amidaiwish Wed 13-Oct-10 20:14:19

personally i think it sounds worse, but i am no doctor. no one on here can tell you what it is, if you can't go to A&E then please ring NHS direct. don't hang about.

IMoveTheStars Wed 13-Oct-10 20:15:12

can you stand up straight without pain? Does it make it worse when you do?

juicychops Wed 13-Oct-10 20:19:52

im starting to feel twinge cramps in the other side a bit now too

ive just rang NHS direct and they will call in the next 6 hours

robino Wed 13-Oct-10 20:20:33

I didn't know I had appendicitis - took them 4 days to confirm it was appendicitis because mine was hiding and not in the typical place. I definitely think it's worth getting yourself checked out.

juicychops Wed 13-Oct-10 20:22:30

standing up and walking around doesn't make the pain better or worse - its not too bad again now.

apart from when it was painful in my right side it is exactly the same as bad period pains which come over in waves

it feels like im about to come on except i haven't

IMoveTheStars Wed 13-Oct-10 20:23:31

Did you tell them you're having pain on the other side too now?

Sorry, but it's really starting to sound like appendicitis - pain can move across to the other side of your abdomen. How bad is the pain, do you need to keep pressure on it, can you move about without wincing etc?

If the pain goes suddenly goes, call an ambulance. They will prioritise the call according to symptoms anyway, so don't worry about wasting their time.

juicychops Wed 13-Oct-10 20:24:39

i will definately be going to the docs first thing in the morning and getting a pregnancy test on the way.

im sitting here dreading when the pain is going to come back! if the doc suspects my appendix will i be sent to hospital straight away, or will i have to wait for an appointment and all that crap?

thanks everyone for your support tonight

BatBrainsPumpkinHead Wed 13-Oct-10 20:26:32

i had a ruptured ovarian cyst. symptoms started off similar, but were so bad that i couldnt physically walk across the floor. I think you need attention before 6hrs, I was try to get yourself to A&E to get checked out asap. Sorry but it sound pretty serious.

juicychops Wed 13-Oct-10 20:27:43

its not pain as in sharp or unbearable pain, its like aching pain- managable but uncomfortable. although its not uncomfortable at the moment, just there as a dull ache.

didn't say about it in the other side as its not bad, it just feels like what has been in the middle has stretched along to the other side now and has died right down in the right side

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