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Patch of skin that feels burnt but there's nothing there. I should NOT have googled.

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OgreRebel Wed 14-Jul-10 18:19:59

Small patch of skin on the outside of my forearm. Feels just like it's burnt or the skin's been taken off. But there's nothing there. Looks entirely normal.

Of course google informs me that it's neurological and I'm likely to expire by the time July's out.

Oddly, dh has been complaining of the same thing for weeks. A patch of skini that just feels irritated and prickly but with no obvious cause.

Any ideas?

It's not painful btw. Just irritating and weird.

I have HA btw so if you could avoid agreeing emphatically with google that'd stop the panic for a wee while.

OgreRebel Wed 14-Jul-10 18:20:40


belledechocolatefluffybunny Wed 14-Jul-10 18:22:08

It's called neuralgia, there can be a few causes, diabetes, vitamin deficiency etc. Do you get pins and needles anywhere?

Lionstar Wed 14-Jul-10 18:22:17

I expect you have been abducted by aliens shock

RespectTheDoughnut Wed 14-Jul-10 18:23:22

Could it be hormonal? I have things like that every month but usually on the top, outer bit of my left arm.

OgreRebel Wed 14-Jul-10 18:24:46

I occasionally get pins and needles in my feet but because I have a habit of sitting with them tucked underneath me. Goes if I get up and wiggle.

I'm not diabetic but have always had a vitamin d deficiency.

Aliens? Do you think I'm pregnant?

belledechocolatefluffybunny Wed 14-Jul-10 18:26:04

Hmm. Do the pins and needles come on quite quickly?

Vitamin B12 deficiency causes neuralgia.

OgreRebel Wed 14-Jul-10 18:26:22

Am just getting over viral labyrinthitis. Don't know if that's relevant?

Otherwise well.

Have convinced myself it's something terrible.

OgreRebel Wed 14-Jul-10 18:27:09

Pins and needles do come on fairly quickly, yes? Oh God, is it something awful?

belledechocolatefluffybunny Wed 14-Jul-10 18:27:35

So, the pins and needles....

OgreRebel Wed 14-Jul-10 18:28:49

Am often anaemic btw. Heavy periods and just a tendency for it. Sorry, am drip-feeding info.

belledechocolatefluffybunny Wed 14-Jul-10 18:28:58

Something awful? Well, a cold could be awful to someone.

How long have you had the neuralgia and pins and needles? Any fatigue?

Alouiseg Wed 14-Jul-10 18:30:21

Good old Googlenose. I practically booked my own funeral this week.

Step away from Google

belledechocolatefluffybunny Wed 14-Jul-10 18:31:03

Your anaemia, do they diagnose this from a blood test or just from the fatigue?

Anaemia can cause neuralgia and palpitations if it's not treated by the way.

Stop panicking.

OgreRebel Wed 14-Jul-10 18:31:18

Neuralgia started yesterday. Pins and needles? Dunno. Ages. Just always assume it's because I sit on my feet. Never really bothered me pre-dd though. And it goes if I change position.

Not abnormal fatigue no. Not sleeping well though. Mainly due to the heat and a restless toddler.

belledechocolatefluffybunny Wed 14-Jul-10 18:32:07

Google's OK if you know what you are looking at. It can turn a migraine into a brain tumour though so don't believe all that you read.

OgreRebel Wed 14-Jul-10 18:33:45

Have always been turned down for giving blood because am anaemic (only slightly and it seems to run in my family, my Mum and Grandma were always borderline anaemic too). Was anaemic while pregnant (blood test). V anaemic post birth (blood test). Levels started to rise with iron supplements but then periods came back heavy and my iron levels go from just above normal threshold to slightly anaemic quite often.

TheFoosa Wed 14-Jul-10 18:34:25

sorry for hijack, but i do get pins & needles AND am very tired alot of the time

is this something to worry about <panics>

belledechocolatefluffybunny Wed 14-Jul-10 18:35:14

It's a good idea to pop and see your GP. Have a chat about the pins and needles, just as they come on really quickly. Then mention the odd burning sensation you are having in your arm. An efficient GP will refer you to a neurologist, this is absolutely nothing to worry about, GP's are lovely people but can't know every single medical condition.

Don't google, it'll say you have a million and one things wrong and it'll end up scaring the pants off you.

TheFoosa Wed 14-Jul-10 18:36:20

sorry Ogre, no help for you

OgreRebel Wed 14-Jul-10 18:37:12

Thank you fluffy.

Thing is, I know you're being sensible and reassuring and of course I should go to the GP. But all I see is the word 'neurologist' and now I'm sobbing.

I'm convinced it's something terrible.

belledechocolatefluffybunny Wed 14-Jul-10 18:37:52

GP might want to do a blood test for Vitamin B12 and iron levels, nothing to worry about.

Foosa, same advice applies, pop and see your GP. There is alot of conditions that can cause pins and needles, as I have mentioned above. smile

belledechocolatefluffybunny Wed 14-Jul-10 18:40:23

Seriously, don't panic. Neurologists are the nerve experts, it's the nerves that cause neuralgia (spot the similarities in the name wink). They deal with all sorts (migraines etc)smile

What's the worst that can happen? Brain tumour? You have no symptoms for this so stop worrying.

OgreRebel Wed 14-Jul-10 18:43:52

My aunt has MS. It started as pins and needles.

I just assume the worst. So yes, brain tumour probably or MS or some strange as yet undiscovered, incurable illness.

whatname Wed 14-Jul-10 18:44:35

ooh, i have this on my hand, little patch that gets really itchy, for no reason, had it for a couple of months now. i am probably run down, just got some vitamins

belledechocolatefluffybunny Wed 14-Jul-10 18:49:48

I know all about MS Ogre.

There's 2 different types, relapsive-remissive which gets better, goes away and comes back when it feels like it and progressive which gets worse and never improves. Every MS patient is different, for some they only relapse twice (it needs to me 2 or more to be called MS), the medication currently availiable is very effective. Out of all the people who pop and see their GP about pins and needles and neuralgia only a titchy percentage are diagnosed with MS. MS patients can have a very fulfilling life, the same as someone without MS.

Your chances of having something nasty are titchy, the chances of you having a vitamin deficiency are higher. Pop and see your GP.

OgreRebel Wed 14-Jul-10 18:54:54

I know you do fluffy (tis SOH but namechanged if that means anything to you). And I feel a right twit moaning on here about the potential for it to be something that you know the reality of.

My good friend has relapsive MS and it doesn't affect her at all for months and months. My aunt unfortunately has it progressively and is about 13 years in so things are v difficult for her.

I have had viral labyrinthitis recently (coupled with earache and some thing my eyes were doing that confirmed it was labyrinthitis). I cannot believe it was labyrinthitis now though. As soon as this patch of skin thing started I decided, well that's 2 weird things recently and therefore it's my brain. Then you mentioned pins and needles. Oh I'm a twonk.

It's silly. I know it is.

oooh i get this sometimes too! and pins and needles randomly at night in my feet

belledechocolatefluffybunny Wed 14-Jul-10 19:02:15

I'm called fluffy because I have a head full of fluff so you need to remind me who you were before you name changed blush)

It's alright. I know it's easy for me to say this though but there's so many other things it could be. There's a woman that works at my dentist, she was diagnosed several years ago and she's only had 2 episodes. You've seen both sides of the disease.

Labyrinthitis is horrid, vomiting and dizzy, bleugh!

belledechocolatefluffybunny Wed 14-Jul-10 19:03:56

Right ladies:

Pins and needles are an indication of lots of diseases and easily solved medical problems, it doesn't mean there's any nasties going on. Now, repeat that after me.....pins and needles are an indication of lots of diseases and easily solved problems....

OgreRebel Wed 14-Jul-10 19:08:42

ShowOfHands smile

You see I didn't vomit with the labyrinthitis. Was v dizzy and nauseous though. Is much better now but still dizzy when tired or dehydrated. Woman at the docs said it could rumble on for a while, sometimes months.

I know that about MS. I know it's often eminently manageable. I also know it's the thing women are most frightened of when presenting with common symptoms. And that v few women actually have it. I also know that anxiety causes symptoms of it.

There's such a gap between what I know and what I worry about though.

dearprudence Wed 14-Jul-10 19:18:36

OgreRebel/SOH, I have HA too and I can totally understand why you're panicking. Because you bloody googled!

But you know this is likely to be nothing, or easily sorted, don't you?

Jeane Wed 14-Jul-10 19:24:11

Oh I have had this LOADS and it never is anything

Really Ogre lovey, you are alright. I promise.

(you know me too btw!)

belledechocolatefluffybunny Wed 14-Jul-10 19:24:20

smile Ello SOH.

Google is a baaad thing, honestly, if you googled a runny nose you'll find a site telling you it's a brain tumour. Google is the work of the devil. Google Vitamin B12 deficiency instead.

I think labyrinthitis has the same effect as travel sickness (my old friend from the past wink, they both mess about with the same part of the ear.

OgreRebel Wed 14-Jul-10 19:27:28

I know google is bad. If you google 'feeling pretty perfect' it probably comes up with a reason why your right leg is about to drop off. I know this.

Your reassurances are helping.

It also helps that dh has exactly the same thing atm. Feel like if it's going to pot, at least I have company.

<looks at Jeane>


belledechocolatefluffybunny Wed 14-Jul-10 19:30:20 eeks&pagingOff=1#15201768 Bloody hell woman, I told you to pop and see your GP about this last year!! grin

Jeane, I need a clue dear.

OgreRebel Wed 14-Jul-10 19:36:33

I went! Lots of blood tests, all normal. smile Doc suggested it was the constant lugging of dd and co-sleeping (she kept sleeping on my arms/wrists). Plus general joint stress post having a child/bfing.

I stopped letting dd sleep on me in the night as he suggested and within days it felt better. Within a couple of weeks the wrist pain was gone completely. Hasn't hurt since.

You're going to tell me now it's all connected aren't you?

belledechocolatefluffybunny Wed 14-Jul-10 19:40:56

I don't know in all honesty. I do think you need to go back to your GP and ask for a referal though.

You know when you had labyrythitis, did you feel as if you were pissed?

OgreRebel Wed 14-Jul-10 19:43:40

I'm teetotal.

I felt like I'd just stepped off a roundabout.

belledechocolatefluffybunny Wed 14-Jul-10 19:49:40

You know where this is heading don't you.

OgreRebel Wed 14-Jul-10 19:55:23

To me panicking in tears?

TheBreastmilksOnMe Wed 14-Jul-10 19:58:13

Ogre- Can't help you with the burning sensation but I have had it too down my arm, my leg and funnily enough on one of my lady lips, blush very strange and I googled and wish I hadn't, even phoned NHS direct but they were none the wiser and suggested shingles. Anyway it cleared up in a few days and I've had it once since but don't worry too much about it as I'm still alive!

I can help you with the anaemia though- have you tried something called Spa Tone? It's iron rich water from snowdonia and you just take one or two sachets every day with some orange juice. It really helps boost your iron levels without the horrible side effects of iron tablets. I take it and I used to take it when I became anaemic during pregnancy. It really helps boost your energy levels too.

belledechocolatefluffybunny Wed 14-Jul-10 19:59:26

noo, there's no need to panic. I really do understand why you are panicking, honestly I do. Your GP and then a neurologist need to be where you are heading though. You can either stick your head in the sand, pretend that nothing is wrong but worry all the time or go and get yourself checked. If you get a clear bill of health then that's great, I'll come to your party. If not then cross that bridge if you come to it.
I like to know what I'm facing so I can tackle it head on or adapt, I'm slightly nuts though (as if you havn't already noticed).

belledechocolatefluffybunny Wed 14-Jul-10 20:14:30

Hope you are OK SOH.

OgreRebel Wed 14-Jul-10 20:21:22

Not really.

belledechocolatefluffybunny Wed 14-Jul-10 20:30:19

sad It really could be nothing you know.

Have you been to see someone about your HA?

OgreRebel Wed 14-Jul-10 20:32:52

No. I've seen nobody.

Am sitting here in tears.

I really thought it was labyrinthitis. They looked at my eyes, said they were doing something typical of labyrinthitis. Said the earache was further confirmation.

I'm imagining all sorts.

belledechocolatefluffybunny Wed 14-Jul-10 20:34:46

What was wrong with your eyes?

Maybe concentrating on the best case scenario? Would that help? Vitamin deficiency is easily sorted with a change of diet.

OgreRebel Wed 14-Jul-10 20:38:38

There's a diagnostic test for labyrinthitis where they get you to follow a pen with your eyes. They do something different to what they usually do apparently.

GP did it, nodded as I was doing it and said 'definitely labyrinthitis'. I said I was worried it was something serious and that it came on so quickly and she said she was as positive as she could be that it was viral labyrinthitis. I asked twice if it could be indicative of something else and she said not to worry and she was as sure as she could be.

Of course now I think it's something else.

belledechocolatefluffybunny Wed 14-Jul-10 20:43:22

Medicine is a science, nothing is precise. It could very well have been labyrinthitis, I still would get the pins and needles and the burning checked out though, a vitamin deficiency is really easily solved.

dearprudence Wed 14-Jul-10 22:00:45

How are you doing now Ogre? HA is so horrible, I really sympathise.

With me, I can be absolutely fine for ages, then one tiny thought can push me to sheer panic within seconds. It's really really common, but I'm sure you know that.

Have you googled HA/general anxiety? I have found this useful sometimes.

OgreRebel Wed 14-Jul-10 22:35:37

dearprudence, thank you. I've calmed down a little bit. DH is on his way home now so that will help. Being alone in the house with a little girl who I'm trying to hide the panic from somehow makes it worse.

I know what you mean about being fine for ages. I've been happy and positive for so long and then today it's all spiralled a bit from one small thought.

I haven't googled HA. I'm swearing off google for a few days. I know it's all bound up with having dd and a traumatic labour/delivery. And usually I'm good, truly I am. And I'm quite a positive and pragmatic person in other ways.

Have you ever seen anybody about it?

dearprudence Wed 14-Jul-10 22:42:06

Glad you're a bit better. Good idea to stay off google.

I kind of have a general anxiety that comes and bites me on the arse from time to time. Always been a bit of a worrier, but only sparked into anxiety/HA after I had DS.

Mine is pretty good at the moment - I try hard to remember these times when I'm gripped by the fear.

secunda Wed 14-Jul-10 23:01:54

I'd take a bet on sciatica. Common symptom is burning feeling on skin which isn't burnt - my mum had it really badly

Elibean Thu 15-Jul-10 14:00:42

Sounds like a pinched nerve - at least, thats a far more likely possibility than some of the others wink

I've had the sensation of burnt skin on the inside of my thigh, really unpleasant, and nothing there whatsoever. Turned out to be similar to sciatica, only different nerve...came from my back. Same is possible in arms, from the neck and shoulder area - any tension there??

BTW, I first had this as a teenager - am now 50, and still get it occasionally when back bad!

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