taking milk on flights - confused! (because of liquid restrictions)

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waytoomuchchocolate Mon 18-May-09 09:29:48

ds will need two bottles of milk for a flight we're going on - i've read that as long as you taste the milk at security then they will let you take it on, but obviously i can't make up both bottles in advance as one of them won't be used for about 5 hours.

i don't think i can take a bottle of water + a pot of formula powder because they won't allow the liquid? and don't think i can take a carton of pre-made stuff for same reason?

has anyone got any experience of this?

many TIA!

inscotland Mon 18-May-09 09:31:52

If your airport has a boots airside then telephone them and ask them to put aside or get in some cartons for you. Easiest way all round.

If no boots airside like Edinburgh then take your powder in one of those dispensers and when you get through security go straight to one of the coffee places and ask them for hot water so you can make up your formula when waiting to board the plane.

For the feed on the plane if you don't have cartons the cabin crewe will assist with hot water.

waytoomuchchocolate Mon 18-May-09 10:21:12

thank you!

CMOTdibbler Mon 18-May-09 10:24:11

The WHSmith at Edinburgh airside sells formula cartons for a variety of brands. You can get readymade formula airside at every UK airport.

abear Mon 18-May-09 10:31:47

Only other advice is take at least one more than you need in case of delays etc.

orangina Mon 18-May-09 10:33:38

I took whatever I needed for the journey, and they made me taste it at security. Don't worry, Take what you need.

Nezzi Mon 18-May-09 11:30:24

I have the same issue. I've just checked the BAA security information website and this is what it said
"Exceptions to the 100ml rule can be made for baby food or milk. However, you should only carry what you need for the flight, and you will be asked to taste at least 50% of the containers at security control."
I'm going to buy some cartons and hope they don't take them off me.
I'm going to take Inscotland's advice too, just in case.
Dread to think what it will be like on the way back, US security aren't exactly known for being friendly & helpful!

Nezzi Mon 18-May-09 11:33:04

if they ask you to taste the carton of formula you won't be able to re-seal it hmm

inzidoodle Mon 18-May-09 11:37:21

I was worried last October for the same reason. I took 4 cartons and was told by the women that I would have to open and taste each one once I was through the machine. On the other side a lady stood with the 4 cartons and asked me to open and taste just 1...I was allowed to take the other 3 unopened cartons through. It is at there discretion they can make you open them all but in our case it was fine. There was milk in wh smith after security but not our brand (aptamil) HTH

waytoomuchchocolate Mon 18-May-09 13:55:28

thanks everyone, i guess i'll take a few cartons then and hope for the best at security!

Buda Mon 18-May-09 13:59:28

I would ring Boots airside and check if they have your brand first. If they do you don't have to worry, and if not take powder. You can get water on plane or buy some once you are through security.

inscotland Tue 19-May-09 11:18:42

They didn't have stock when I was last there a few weeks ago. Only had the stage 3 SMA which was no good for us.

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