How long to drive from Calais to Disneyland Paris?

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youpeskykids Tue 22-Jan-08 22:32:02

Anyone done it? Got provisional price for Eurostar tickets for 2 adults and 1 child (with an infant on our lap) and have been given a price of £376!!!! maybe I am naive but didn't realise how expensive it is.

So, as we're booked into Disneyland (Newport Bay) on 3rd Nov, we're wondering whether just to take our own car and go on the ferry. Would this work out cheaper? i.e. ferry crossing costs + petrol + extra car insurance vs £376 eurostar tickets + petrol from Bromley to Ashford + £40 to park?

Has anyone driven from Calais? Is it a nightmare (Dh used to driving abroad so initself is not a prob)? How long did it take?

Surr3ymummy Tue 22-Jan-08 22:43:04

We did it a few years ago - took about 3 hours and was fairly straightforward.

You could look at eurotunnel as well.

Alternatively fly, and get the shuttle bus from the airport to Disneyland.

welshdeb Tue 22-Jan-08 22:44:49

do you have any tesco vouchers - if you exchange them for deal vouchers they are worth 4 times the face value and an be used to pay for eurotunnel or euro star tickets.

DontDreamItBeIt Tue 22-Jan-08 22:45:28

About 3 hours (I think?) We did it in the summer, but needed he car as we weren't in an onsite hotel.

You also need to factor in motorway tolls to get there quickly and easily.

We paid for the eurotunnel with tesco vouchers and saved a bit that way.

If you have enough you can use them to pay for the Eurostar to Paris, too (but not to Disney for some reason)

Leslaki Tue 22-Jan-08 22:47:11

driving a doddle , you also get to take as much stuff asyou want and getto stock up on durty free. Dead easy drive and the duty free is worth it's weight in gold!!!! Wouldn't consider Eurostar!!
We went with friends a couple f years ago, both left Northampton at the same time, we drove, they took Eurostar. We got there before them (by 15 mins!!! At Newport bay we were at the frontofthe check in queue, they were at the back of a very BIG queue that had just disembarcked from eurostar! And on the way back had loadsa wine and beer!

youpeskykids Tue 22-Jan-08 23:11:24

Don't have a Tesco locally so know nothing of these Tesco vouchers? Where can I get these from?

Presumably as petrol is cheaper in France than in UK, if we fill up once we're there, this will save us some cash?

Anyone know roughly how much to budget for Motorway tolls?

Sorry, so many questions!

NicMac Wed 23-Jan-08 09:45:31


I used to do this quite often as we lived near Paris. It will take about three hours and the tolls are just less than 20 euros. We used to do a very crafty thing (blush) to save money on the eurotunnel by buying two day single tickets.

it is an easy drive but be careful not to speed as the gendarmes are very keen on UK reg cars!

Have a great time

Hulababy Wed 23-Jan-08 09:47:59

Abount 3 hours or so.

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