January sun

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lovelyupnorth Sun 18-Sep-16 21:38:48

Any suggestions or avoids up to £500 per person.

Dowser Mon 26-Sep-16 22:54:00


justaweeone Tue 27-Sep-16 07:36:00

Cape Verde?

BarbaraofSeville Tue 27-Sep-16 08:47:39

What are you wanting other than sun?

If it's just sun, Cape Verde is probably your best bet on that budget, but I don't think there is much to do outside the hotels, so it would just be a sun/pool/food/drink/whatever entertainment the hotel has sort of holiday.

If it was me, I would go to Lanzarote. Should get at least some nice weather - not guaranteed, but should be at least mostly nice.

Lots of things to do if the weather isn't quite laying in the sun weather. Get a heated pool if swimming in the pool is important. Playa Blanca is a nice resort that's not too lively.

Nowhere is particularly clubby, but what you choose depends on what you like. It's all very well saying avoid Benidorm or Playa de las Americas, but they're both very popular resorts - lots of people like them, so you can't assume that all Mumsnetters are looking for something quieter and more authentic.

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