Weather in Greece October half term? too iffy?

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elliott Thu 03-Aug-06 17:35:53

Trying to find a beachy/warm holiday for October half term - do you think Greece (specifically Zakynthos) will be good enough weather? I don't like hot hot, low 20s would be fine.

All other suggestions gratefully received too btw.

shhhh Fri 04-Aug-06 16:15:24

Greece would be ideal as Oct is coming to the end of it's season. Our winter is also when it's getting cooler for them. Oct is on average around 25 degrees.

angelinaballerina Fri 04-Aug-06 16:18:56

oct is far beyond the end of the seaon..especially half term which ia the end of October. If you are looking for sun then don't go to greece. Nice, sunny, not sunbathing weather iykwim!

Not sure if you will find much open in zakynthos, just read low 20's...perhpas it will be like that, but windy as is an island.

Egypt/south france perhaps?

bluejelly Fri 04-Aug-06 16:30:12

I've had a lovely time in Greece in october half term.
Evenings are nippy but sea is still warm and plenty hot enough to lie on the beach, just not roasting.
i was on crete

elliott Fri 04-Aug-06 20:40:45

ooh, thanks, some replies! Thought everyone too busy navel gazing to answer a mundane travel question...
Too bad you don't all agree
Sounds like it would be ok for us. Just had a perfect holiday in Northumberland - can't have been much more than 25 even inland - I guess I'm just a bit worred about rain really.

angelinaballerina Fri 04-Aug-06 21:02:09

unlikley to rain. We are going at october half term to but not to the islands!

PollyLogos Fri 04-Aug-06 22:22:47

Elliot I live in Greece and the last week in October is usually the first time I have to start wearing tights again rather than going bare legged IYSWIM Also warmer jumpers etc. Its a time of the year that can be very warm still or rainy and chilly.

I wouldn't particularly recommend Zakynthos at that time of the year as being on the west coast it is liable to rain more than other parts. Also i think much of the tourist 'stuff'will be closed. If you are still interested I can get dh to contact some work colleagues there and ask them?

However I think Crete right down in the south of the aegean would be a better bet. The end of october is towards the end of the season there but as far as I know they do still have tourists then. HTH

JanH Fri 04-Aug-06 22:33:31

Southern Spain! We went to the Costa Tropical (E of Malaga) 2 years ago, DH and the boys were in the sea every day and we had one thrilling day when the first snow fell in the Sierra Nevada, beach in the morning and snowballs in the afternoon! And you can do Granada too!

We were there from c 23/10 - 2/11 and it only rained once.

PollyLogos Fri 04-Aug-06 23:17:52

weather in crete

PollyLogos Fri 04-Aug-06 23:19:45

weather in Zakynthos

Furball Sat 05-Aug-06 04:49:24

I used to live on Rhodes and it's usually sunny right upto at least the end of November. October was lovely, maybe starting to get a bit nippy in the evening.

Says here 20 in october

KTeePee Sat 05-Aug-06 08:27:36

I would say go for Crete too - I had a holiday there a few years ago in mid-October and at mid-day it was still too hot for me (though the locals were wearing jumpers!). Western Crete is beautiful.

You might find that lots of restaurants, etc have shut down by then though and don't know how easy it would be to book accomodation for then. Maybe Simply Travel or similar does year round holidays?

shhhh Sat 05-Aug-06 16:15:14

thing is that the locals usually find it colder than us brits..!

I remember going to the canaries when it was not sunbathing weather but was lovely. The locals were wearing coats and jumpers, us tourists however were walking around in bikinis ..!!

TarteAuCitron Sat 05-Aug-06 16:28:14

i went to corfu in october... 20 years was the end of the heatwave and was heavenly...oh happy days....and where did the time go??

KathH Sat 05-Aug-06 18:35:53

I've never been but childminder regularly goes to either Kos or Crete in the October half term and comes back a lovely colour!

elliott Sun 06-Aug-06 17:51:30

Thanks again - I'm encouraged!

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