thomas cook kids club?

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Flojo1979 Sun 20-Mar-11 22:13:51

Hi, seen some good all inclusive deals with Thomas cook. Thing is my dd is 2, big for age etc. And kids club states from 3 yrs. How strict is this?

woodchuck Sun 20-Mar-11 22:17:20

i think it is to do with ofsted supervision regs. Is there a creche or a babysitting service you could use instead?

Or if its about activities for dd, could you stay and join in with her?

Flojo1979 Sun 20-Mar-11 22:44:21

Does seem to be many creche options. Dd is quite high maintenance and going away for first time with new partner so wanted to take pressure off and have a lil couple time too, sessions r usually only 2 hrs anyway so will be doing stuff with her rest of time. Just wondered how strict they r and if worth risking booking to sneak her in!

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