Where shall we go on holiday?

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LadyWellian Sun 06-Mar-11 23:17:53

DH comes out in a rash if he swims in a chlorinated pool so likes some sea preferably with something to see while snorkelling.

DD will go in the sea at a pinch but would rather have a pool.

DH doesn't want 'package' and would rather do something independently.

DD might get bored if there are no other children around at all, which puts me off villas a bit.

We need to go in the summer holidays (first fortnight or so) but can't really afford to spend more than about £2500 on flights and accommodation.

I just want some nice weather.

Carribean is a bit hurricane-y at that time of year and Far East is a bit monsoon-y. North Africa is a bit politically uncertain and the Med is a bit blah for snorkelling.

Any ideas? Adriatic? (Have never been.) Greek islands that aren't too Club 18-30 but are cheaper than Santorini? Bits of Turkey that aren't too Brits abroad? Cyprus? Somewhere with a bit of history/culture would be a bonus.

DrSeuss Mon 07-Mar-11 09:19:27

Olu Deniz lagoon is warmer than many UK swimming pools. There are various hotels/villas/caravan sites around it, it has a sandy beach, watersports and there are cultural trips you can do too. I have never experienced water that warm before!

Nefret Mon 07-Mar-11 12:02:43

There are some lovely areas in Turkey that are not Brits abroad. We love the Bodrum peninsula, Bitez is a lovely resort, the beach is nice and there are some good hotels and apartments with swimming pools.

You should be able to get flights and a nice apartment for less than £1,700 for 2 adults and a child booking independantly.

If you think it may suit you let me know and I can let you know some accomodation names as I used to live around Bodrum.

Balletlover Tue 08-Mar-11 17:50:43

Somewhere like Patara Prince Resort in Kalkan, Turkey perhaps? It has a large sea facing sea water swimming pool (suit both DH and DD. wwww.pataraprince.com, but book an apartment and flights independently. It also has a private stretch of 'beach' or rather sea-bathing platforms, reasonable snorkelling therefore on-site, and opportunities at Kas up the road. It is quiet resort (mainly owners) both English and Turkish, including families (so other children to play with). There is even a free kids club (4-10 years) a bit sporadic but normally runs a couple of hours each day. Lots of British people do holiday in Kalkan but it is certainly not Brits abroad! Lots to do and see independently in the area - don't need a car as both regional and local buses stop outside the resort. Lots of lovely boat trips too.

My parents have an apartment there (but don't take children so I'm not advertising) but I do know lots of owners who do, and which apartments are nicer than others, so don't hesitate to ask and I can give you their details. For apt c. £350 per week, £110 return for private transfers. I'd have to look what flights are doing at the moment but probably c. £400 each return.

LadyWellian Tue 08-Mar-11 23:53:43

Thanks all. Some great ideas - interesting they are all in Turkey!

Have looked at Olu Deniz before and thought it looked lovely, though struggled to find accommodation near the beach.

DH quite keen on Bodrum peninsula, as he missed it through illness while on a cruise of ancient sites around the eastern Med aged about 13 in the 1970s. [old bastard emoticon]

Patara Prince looks amazing. grin

It's so stressful booking holidays for these fussy buggers. I do often wonder why it always seems to be my job!

DrSeuss Wed 09-Mar-11 09:33:03

Just googled hotel, Olu Deniz, and there were loads! I've never been to the Asena Beach but have stayed at its sister hotel, Asena Village, and loved it.

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