Are Bush tvs any good?

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hereidrawtheline Thu 12-Mar-09 10:46:29

We really badly need a new tv but havent got a lot to spend on one. Found this one which is in the right region - I could spend up to £250. Are Bush tvs ok?

Tee2072 Thu 12-Mar-09 10:49:18

Yes, we have one and it is great. It is actually our second, but we only replace the first one because DH decided that the old one wasn't big enough. [eyes rolling emoticon] But we'd had it for about 10 years anyway!

MadameCastafiore Thu 12-Mar-09 10:49:23

Not sure about Bush but our techy man who came to set up all the cables in the house was mega impressed with M&S as we got free 5 yr guarantee - he said that worth more than the telly these days!


And DVD player wouldn't work on the first one we got - rang them and they sent little man round with new one the very next day.

Now that is what I call customer service.

herbietea Thu 12-Mar-09 10:50:51

Message withdrawn

hereidrawtheline Thu 12-Mar-09 10:53:04

gosh I didnt know marks did tvs! I dont go in them much there arent many near to me. That one looks nice but for DH it has to be 26" and given my budget that limits me very much!! We have a 26" now and have had it 10 years. We actually dont use it much but for DS, but one day DH have (high) ambitions of buying every single Star Trek series (but for Scott Baccula's) on dvd and DH really wants to watch it on a decent sized screen. I will now back out of this thread after shamefully confessing the complexities of my marriage...

hereidrawtheline Thu 12-Mar-09 10:54:12

should read "DH and I have..."

hereidrawtheline Thu 12-Mar-09 10:55:49

herbie, thanks for that. Do you think Hitachi are a decent make? I really dont know anything about electronics at all & I know there are no guarantees I just dont want to buy something that will break right away. But I can see what you mean about ebay.

Edward195 Tue 22-Jul-14 11:54:17

Don't forget that the eu rights make every electronic thing have a 2 year warranty therefore if they won't replace it after a year as your one year warranty is over remind them of your rights

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