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HeyHoHereWeGo Fri 25-Jan-13 11:41:04

a) a tablet
b) a smart phone

My current phone is broken and old and I am off contact (I am always bill pay or no reason other than I just have always been so) so I can easily justify a new phone, so perhaps an i phone 4 on 24 month contract which would be £50 for the handset.
Or I could use an old phone lying around the house and switch to pay as you go.
Then I could get a tablet, which is harder to justify and more expensive.

But I dont really know which I want.

I am a SAHM currently so dont need the gadget to be particularly hard working.
I make calls/ texts at the lower end, I mean few calls, lots of texts.
I go online via the laptop at home.
I love books, but could get into reading on a device.
Eek, dont know what else to say.

Do I go get an i phone seeing as I am the last person in the world without one?
Or a different smartphone?
Or do I stay on crap old nokias and put the money towards a tablet.
And if so, what tablet to go for?
Any cheap/ cheerful lower end ones?

Oh yes the children are young enough to break stuff but old enough to ask why we dont have and ipad like everyone else. And they would maybe do I dont know games and learning stuff if I allowed them to.

(I dont let them on the laptop as it cost me a lot of money and I love it)

Thank you.
My broken phone is breaking my heart so this weekend I am MAKING A DECISION FINALLY

niceguy2 Fri 25-Jan-13 21:10:15

It all depends on your budget and if you can stump up any money to start off with.

How about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2? It's £29 per month but the phone is free and you get a decent bundle of minutes etc. The Note 2 is larger than a normal phone but just about still holdable in your hand. But it's an awesome tablet too.

I have the v1 and the v2 is even better. Since i got it, I barely use my ipad. You can give it to the kids as a tablet if you really want to.

Or better still, save this phone for yourself and get them a cheap tablet from Amazon like this one. NatPC tablet Not used one myself but it seems to have good reviews.

PedroPonyLikesCrisps Fri 25-Jan-13 23:14:21

Your budget is key here, but so are your needs. I wouldn't be rushing out to buy a gadget just because the kids want one. If you only use your phone for calls and texts, do you need a smart phone?

If you really want a tablet, then don't waste your money on an iPad, you can get much better for your cash.

At the lower end of the market, the Nexus 7 reigns supreme. If you want something bigger though, perhaps consider the Nexus 10, Galaxy Note 10.1, or an ASUS Transformer.

On the other hand, as niceguy says, the Note 2 is awesome as a top end smart phone. It hasn't replaced my tablet though, I have room for both in my life!

HeyHoHereWeGo Sat 26-Jan-13 12:57:50

Thank you both.
I have decided to get a cheap phone now, that solves that problem.
That gives me time to research tablets.
I dont think I will go for the i-pad, as you say, I think people who know about these things stay away from apple, and thats good enough for me.
Thanks for advice.
I looked at the nexus 7 on pcworld, it doesn't seem to take headphones?
I might go look and compare the various samsungs.
Any insider hints on which websites/ shops are generally best to buy from?
Will I be badly advised/ ripped off on a high street store?

PedroPonyLikesCrisps Sat 26-Jan-13 18:17:09

The Nexus 7 does have a headphone socket.

You will likely pay more on the high street unless there's a sale on, Amazon is as good a place as any for the best prices. But always check a few reputable stores to get a feel for the price you should be paying.

HeyHoHereWeGo Sun 27-Jan-13 11:59:33

Oh? I just did a compare on pcworld, thats where I picked it up from - no headphone jack it said, so I thought that meant it woouldn't take headphones? But anyway, I might keep comparing. Thanks.

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