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IOS 6 - how much space? Is it worth it?

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First question - do I lose Google maps on my iphone/ipad if I upgrade?

On my iphone I am on v.5.1.1. A couple of weeks ago, it said the upgrade needed 2.5GB of memory, so I just ignored it as i don't have 2.5GB to spare on a permanent basis (thought I could do so temporarily to get the upgrade) but now it has "599MB" next to it. I can spare 0.6GB, has the upgrade requirement changed in the last couple of weeks??

On my iPad, I am currently on v 5.1.1. In updates, it says it has downloaded 6.0.1 (though I didn't download it - brand new iPad). It hasn't been installed but does not tell me how much memory the install will take (or is it nothing extra, considering it is already downloaded?).

Desperately do not want to lose Google Maps!


Sorry, just checked again, iPhone IS still stating that it needs 2.5GB of available storage (which as I say, I don't have on a long term basis), but says "599MB" as well under IOS6.0.1.


You will lose google maps, yes. Tom Tom mapping is shit b

12thmonkey Thu 08-Nov-12 14:21:14

there is a google maps app you can download, never used it so i don't know if its anygood.

the 2.56 gb is mostly temp space and download files that will be deleted after the install, "599MB" is more like the actual volume for an ios.

NapDamnYou Fri 09-Nov-12 01:31:30

Sorted myself google maps on iPad with 6 installed like this


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