Is my passionflower dead???

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kitsmummy Sun 22-Mar-09 17:51:03

Hi, I am a new gardner (eg haven't really got a clue what i'm doing, but am enjoying it). Last September I planted a passionflower to grow up the side of a wall. Couldn't plant it any earlier cos garden not ready til then. It seemed happy enough and gave us some flowers. This year though it looks brown and dead and I don't know if it's going to come to life or if it really is dead. It gets the sun in a fairly sheltered garden so I was expecting to see something happening by now, or is it still too early? thanks

Tangle Sun 22-Mar-09 20:06:16

May well be too early. I moved into a new house a couple of years back and really hacked back a big old passion flower (like sawed through a stem 1.5" across!). It thrived. Overwinter this year I've cut it back to that one big stem again - and so far it looks like its still dead (and I'm in Hants), but I'm reasonably confident it'll spring into action as the weather warms up.

As long as it got established before the winter you should see some signs of life in the next month or two - maybe sooner if it doesn't get too cold again.

kitsmummy Mon 23-Mar-09 07:16:49

great, thanks

loggedout Mon 23-Mar-09 16:40:07

I cut mine back hard last year, thoughtI'd killed it but it came back with a vengeance (sp?), growing now but got frosted a couple of nights ago at some parts. Still alive!

Mspontipine Tue 24-Mar-09 09:54:23

Mine still looks dead too. Got high hopes for it this year! Last year it grew rapantly but not a single flower!

Bramshott Tue 24-Mar-09 09:58:20

I'm really hoping it's too early, because mine is looking lifeless too. Let's all keep our fingers crossed. Mine has been fine the past few years, but this winter has been a cold one . . .

Sometimes they shoot again from lower down and you have to untangle the brown bits higher up and cut them out or it looks messy.

There's one against a friends wall near here that fruits! Edible fruits!!

curiouscat Thu 26-Mar-09 17:19:47

I'm sure it'll come back to life, lucky you. To be on the safe side you could try feeding the roots with a general purpose liquid. Mine died a year ago but sent out underground shoots so basically relocated itself in the next generation.

Mspontipine Tue 31-Mar-09 22:32:56

Fed mine, poked at it hopefully....

fishie Tue 31-Mar-09 22:35:47

mine isn't going yet and it is on a very very sheltered wall (it is with an avocado tree, acer and chinese virg creeper which are all fine)

mooseloose Tue 31-Mar-09 22:39:43

Too early I think. I pull it up every year, and it always sprouts!

Mspontipine Tue 31-Mar-09 22:41:07

For now here's a little treat here hopefully!

fishie Wed 01-Apr-09 08:47:14

ooer mspontipine this thread is so innocuous, i am v intruiged.

mistlethrush Wed 01-Apr-09 08:49:52

If a young passionflower is set back by a cold winter, it can even take until June to start getting going again. Once they are a bit better established its not so bad.

Mspontipine Wed 01-Apr-09 09:05:40

I know fishie!! What it was was I'd done a gorgeous link to a lovely picture I'd taken of a passion flower but it had my full name on it and I panicked! I did wonder whether to leave it as on a thread about passion flowers I know I am amongst true friends but I just couldn't do it!

I have always been completely anonamous (sp??) on here so feel can really talk about stuff on here in ways that are impossible in rl.

On other subjects not passion flowers of course!

kitsmummy Wed 01-Apr-09 21:09:29

Oh thanks Mistlethrush, it was a young'un so maybe that's what's happened <hopeful>

Mine has also really been caught by the hard frost this year and is still looking quite dead. Poked it a bit this afternoon, but I think I'm going to have to be harsh and chop it back and hope for the best. To be honest it was getting a bit unruly so I don't mind too much! In my last garden something similar happened one year and it sprang back to life a bit later on.

kittywise Wed 01-Apr-09 22:28:13

It's still a bit early.

My passionflower looked really really dead for a long time a few years back i really thought I had to pull it up, then all of a sudden it decided to grow again!

Mspontipine Wed 01-Apr-09 23:11:59

I believe the time to prune is when it does finally begin to grow again - I'm going to have a look see if I can find the bit again...

Mspontipine Wed 01-Apr-09 23:20:56

Here's the science bit!!

Apparantly they like tomato feed - will give mine a bit soon. Arrrr a stressed plant will flower more readily than a comfy one! Mine must be well comfy!!

Mspontipine Thu 09-Apr-09 23:44:47

I've now added myself a profile page so I can share pictures - I've put one of my favourite passionflower pictures on it smile

kitsmummy Fri 10-Apr-09 16:19:02

Oooh v pretty.

Mine's still looking dead sad

Pannacotta Fri 10-Apr-09 19:36:59

kits mine is not very alive looking but I think they are just late into leaf.
If you gently sratch at the stem and it is green then its alive, if its brown then its dead...

Mspontipine Tue 05-May-09 21:48:48

This morning mine has tiny ickle red and green buddy leaves - hurrah!! Isn't spring a miracle!!

I cut mine down to a stalk approx 50cm high a couple of weeks ago.

Anyone else?

Pannacotta Tue 05-May-09 22:26:12

Mine has good signs of life, as predicted they seem to be just late into leaf....

Mspontipine Tue 05-May-09 22:35:07

Cheers Pannacotta - I've been going round gently scratching stems on everything to see if they're still alive!!

kitsmummy Fri 08-May-09 21:05:19

Soooooooo.....mine was a bit green when I scratched at the stem, but garden center said if not looking alive by next week should assume dead, so I bought another one and dug mine up, only to find green stalks under the soil, oops! Have planted in a pot and will re-plant in garden if i haven't managed to kill it off now

Pannacotta Fri 08-May-09 21:09:12

kits if the stem is green then its alive.
Try re-plaint asap and it should come back.

Mspontipine Mon 10-May-10 20:57:00

I've just searched desperately to find this old thread from last year to see when shoots finally appeared - no sign as yet but surely any day now......... actually had 5 WHOLE FLOWERS last year - each beauty lovingly photographed, admired and facebooked!

Anyone still waiting for signs of life this year?

WynkenBlynkenandNod Tue 11-May-10 08:03:50

Mine looks pretty rough and it is in a very sheltered spot. I guess they will be very late this year as it's still so cold at nights.

gillybean2 Tue 11-May-10 18:53:28

Mine has always been covered in masses of flowers and fruits like mad.
But I think it may well be dead this year with the very sever winter. Am still hopeful though and glad to hear others have same concerns!

Last year I thought similarly but it did come back and looked as good as usual by late summer. But it did have signs of life by this time last year. However as spring was approx 3 weeks late this year I'm giving it a bit longer before I resort to hecking it back.

noarguments Tue 11-May-10 21:38:03

Yes, still waiting.
I hacked mine back rather over-viciously after it finished flowering last year (as it was growinand then with the terrible winter, I think I've probably killed it. But will give it another few weeks.

Cindyluanne Sat 15-May-10 18:05:52

Mine's looking very dead. I think I may well have to knock it back to the stem. Last year it also looked kind of dead, but by this time of year it was sprouting again. This past winter was really brutal, so it may be lost!

Mspontipine Sat 15-May-10 19:56:31

Still waiting for mine..........

PiggyPenguin Sun 16-May-10 19:19:00

I think mine waas killed by this harsh winter too. Very disappointed as had it for about 8 years and always had masses of flowers.

Has anyone seen positive signs on their's yet?

kitsmummy Mon 17-May-10 10:31:56

Mine was killed by the harsh winter, so I've replaced it now with some rather inferior clematis sad

Mspontipine Mon 17-May-10 22:53:53

Kitsmummy - do you realise this is your original thread from last year?

Do you mean this spring you've replaced yours? I'm stiiillllll holding out hope for mine - hope you didn't move too soon

gillybean2 Tue 18-May-10 02:58:54

Checked again this morning, nothing on either of them. Holding out for the fact that it was very late last year and we had a far worse winter this year.

Mspontipine Thu 20-May-10 20:01:15

Still nothing :-(

NorbertDentressangle Thu 20-May-10 20:05:35

Ours was killed off by the foot of snow and general bad winter.

Our neighbours one was too.

PiggyPenguin Thu 20-May-10 20:12:09

The main part of mine is definitely dead, but I noticed today that some 2nd generation shoots have started to grow up so all is not lost. Very sad though that the the main plant, which was very thick and healthy has been killed off. Bloody snow.

Mspontipine Thu 20-May-10 22:14:14

Do they come from the roots underground sybilvimes?

PiggyPenguin Fri 21-May-10 11:55:15

Yes, they do seem to have come from the general area of the original roots.

To be honest, we get new offshoots practically every year and have previously pulled them up so they don't take the nourishment from the main plant. This year, I was very pleased to see them though. How is your plant doing?

Mspontipine Fri 21-May-10 22:27:22

I've given it some tomato food today but though I check every day still no tiny peeping shhots of life. It looks as dead as the trellis it's supposed to be climbing.

Mspontipine Fri 21-May-10 22:28:23

shhots That's shoots - not a technical passionflower term!!

PiggyPenguin Sat 22-May-10 11:00:24

I think a lot of people have lost passion flowers due to the really hard winter. I'd give it a little longer, maybe it will happen in a few days. Otherwise, I guess you may have to replace.

I feel quite sad as ours was really healthy and strong, the stalk was a couple of inches thick and it was a really lovely plant. I'm not sure what to do now though, should I try to remove the dead thick stalk and risk dislodging the new growths, or leave it and hope the new growth covers it? Tricky.

Mspontipine Sat 22-May-10 22:06:35

I had another one - no flowers last year but high hopes for this year (actually alive this one.... well was this morningblush) nurturing nicely in a pot. Decided to re-position pot to replace the stalk. Picked up pot and snapped huge tap root that had popped out of bottom of pot and burrowed deep deep underground - who knew!!

No !!!! no !!!! not 2 deaths. Now paying for them both!!

Mspontipine Sat 22-May-10 22:07:12

Ah praying grin

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