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I want a water butt but have no drainpipe to connect to....

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Hillbilly Thu 08-May-08 14:40:00

....does this mean I would just have to collect the rainwater that fell directly in it?

Could I erect my own gutter along the top of my fence and then feed it into a water butt?

MamaG Thu 08-May-08 14:41:20

I don't see why not. Go to local builders merchants for plastic drainpipe and the connector thingies. Very easy to put together

Iota Thu 08-May-08 14:46:55

you need a large catchment area for the rain or you will get very little water in your butt

mankymummy Mon 12-May-08 12:25:33

im not sure a gutter along a fence would collect much water, you really need a gutter underneath something (like a roof) that the rain runs down.

what are you going to use the water in the water butt for?

Have you got a shed?

How come no downpipes fron gutters?

charliecat Mon 12-May-08 22:33:03

I have an upstairs bathroom and theres a catch all from the sink/bath my xp drilled a hole in it and attached a hose pipe somehow to it and so i reuse the bath water/sink water.
About 1/8th of a bath each time goes in the butt.

tigana Mon 12-May-08 22:35:28

Same problem here. Garden is up high - level with roof tops. So can't divert anything from house..unless we fit min-guttering to the chimney hmm.

charliecat Mon 12-May-08 23:05:07

guttering along fence? Sorry if this has ben suggested already...lots of buckets in middle of garden when it rainsgrin

charliecat Mon 12-May-08 23:05:12

guttering along fence? Sorry if this has ben suggested already...lots of buckets in middle of garden when it rainsgrin

Hillbilly Wed 14-May-08 13:20:48

Hi sorry everyone, I have not checked this thread for a few days.

The water butt would be to provide water for my garden as I have no tap there and no water at all on that side of the building, (I live in a 4 storey block of flats). Currently I have to fill a watering can from the kitchen which is such a pain as it takes about 12 trips to water the garden completely!

I don't have a garden shed.

charliecat Wed 14-May-08 17:28:15

where on the flats are you? im thinking wallace and gromit type drain extention lol....
failing that, trays/buckets for when it rains...can you hang out of window and water aything directly? Put a water butt in the garden and it will get the rain....

mankymummy Thu 15-May-08 06:38:32

hosepipe from the tap out into the garden? not so eco i know but would save the trips back and forth...

Hillbilly Fri 16-May-08 14:11:59

charliecat we are ground floor.

mankymummy I do sometimes use a hose from our bathroom but it's actually as much faff as doing it by watering can.

Anyway thanks everybody.

charliecat Sat 17-May-08 10:34:33

So could you have a water butt outside your bathroom window? Thinking syphonning the bath water into it via the window?
<not giving up yet!>

This may seem daft but you could use the hose from the bathroom to fill the water butt up, and then you have a nice full waterbutt to use to water the garden. Even with hosepipe bans you are allowed to use it to fill the butt up. As we have a tap on the front of the house, and the veggie patch at the way bottom of the back garden, we use a water butt positioned next to the veggies. It gets filled maybe twice a summer (using 2 hoses!) Lot easier to use.

Hillbilly Mon 19-May-08 13:33:14

charliecat - nice idea but the bathroom backs onto the communal courtyard which is the opposite side to my garden in fact a 5 minute walk from outside bathroom to garden!!!

biscuits - this may well be the best idea, and then maybe I will erect a guttering too, even though it won't catch much rainwater it might get some to keep it topped up.

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