Why is my Money tree plant losing so many leaves?

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ladytophamhatt Fri 25-Jan-08 17:26:31

They're just wrinling ip and falling off, even though it watered.

Its ina north facing room now and was in asouth facing conservatory before.

I've grown it from a tiny 3inch plant and it now a massive tree...its taken almost 10 years and I don't want it to die!!


ladytophamhatt Fri 25-Jan-08 17:42:31


southeastastra Fri 25-Jan-08 17:43:16

dunno, maybe it needs repotting in the spring

Threadie Fri 25-Jan-08 17:44:06

Too cold or too wet or not enough light?

Aitch Fri 25-Jan-08 17:45:16

i'm afraid it's because you are going to be poor. sad sorry lth, that's how it goes with money trees. are you pg again by any chance? grin

merryberry Fri 25-Jan-08 18:20:01

i've killed two by overwatering. repotting with new drainage and soil helps.

slow learner, me.

pankhurst Fri 25-Jan-08 18:27:50

Mine is doing EXACTLY the same right now - If anyone KNOWS WHY, please HELP...

ours is about seven but it's several generations off the main plant - it's sister is more or less fine but is a bit droopy

I don't want to be poor (more poor) !

princessmel Fri 25-Jan-08 18:29:59

Maybe its too wet. I hardly ever water mine. Maybe once a fortnight and its massive. Had it 8 years since a cutting from mil.

missingtheaction Fri 25-Jan-08 18:33:51

mine too but it always recovers - i think it is a time of year thing? just be nice to it, very little water, maybe repot, keep it out of draughts, little weak feed. they don't like big temperature changes so if it's been near a window it's likely to have been cold then hot. and as merryberry says they hate to be soggy.

Aitch, this reminds me to be nice to mine - we used to have 100s but i only kept one big one when we separated and I need to look after it!!!

missingtheaction Fri 25-Jan-08 18:36:22

oh, is it possible it has vine weevil grubs in the soil - little b**** eat the roots. gently take it out of the pot and shake off some of the soil, they look like little cream commas with a darker browny head. if you have some then you need to get rid of all of them (get rubber gloves and squish them) then repot it and sing soothing lottery-winnng lullabies to it

ladytophamhatt Fri 25-Jan-08 19:36:25

just found all this about them

SaltireOShanter Fri 25-Jan-08 19:38:02

Maybe it knows something about the economy that no one else does?

ladytophamhatt Fri 25-Jan-08 19:43:05

Hmmmm, ours used to be in teh conservaotory which was baking hot and freeezing cold so mine is obviously hardy to the temp changes.

The room its in now is warm, with an almost constant temp but because its north facing its alot darker in there then conservatory....could it be that? Just the light difference?

If that is the problem, them I've got a bigger on because the only south facing rooms with any place it can go is either the front room or ds2s bedroom.
Ds4 will dsetroy within a nanosecond in the front room and ds2 will prob kick a football at it.
Our bedroom is south facing but there nowhere for it to go.....Ohh my lovely lovely plant, I can't let it die <boooo-Hoooo>

Karen999 Fri 25-Jan-08 19:53:07

Cos your skint??

ChasingSquirrels Fri 25-Jan-08 19:56:06

I wish ours would die, dh grew it from a leaf the year we finished uni - so it is 14 years old now and enormous. No idea on the leaves falling off though.

pankhurst Fri 25-Jan-08 20:10:27

i am too scared to go and look for mealy grubs....deep breath........screams... oh no i really can't.

if it's that, then it;s going outside and it will have to fend for itself...

jeremyspants Sat 26-Jan-08 08:37:07

Cut back on the watering- they need to be almost dry during this time of year.
Leaf loss is normal and new leaves will grow in Spring.
You can get plant pins that you shove under the soil which kill beasties. Please, please don't put it outside.

pankhurst Sat 26-Jan-08 17:45:31

ok - it can come back in - it went outside this afternoon, and dp has had a look but SAYS there's nothing in it...

having said that, he is as blind as a bat...

will have a go again at drying it out.

let's see...

ladytophamhatt Sun 27-Jan-08 08:37:06

This is extreme leaf loss though, not just one or 2 once in awhile. Its beeen 20+ almost weekly and they are totally shrivveled up, all hard and papery.

I know the leaves wither abit when it needs watering but this is waaaaay more then lack of water.

I've put it in the kitchen now, it takes up haly the work surface but its near a window now so I'm going to see if that helps. Still north facing but hopefully being next to direct natural light will save it.

spirely Sun 27-Jan-08 11:19:01

Hi, sounds like over watering and shock from being moved, it will adapt to change in light but might take a while, like outdoor plants they stop growing through winter so need very little water until they start again in spring, as a guide when you stick your finger in the soil you only want to feel moisture about 2" down, if the compost is wet on the surface its overwatered, hope this helps

jeremyspants Tue 29-Jan-08 18:20:41

In dire emergency plant 3 chamomile plants into the soil with your plant. Give it the TINIEST amount of garlic water (water with some garlic cloves steeped for a couple of days).
Leave it be for a while in a sunny place if possible.

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