Help me please! Westerly facing or North west facing garden?

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movingmumma Thu 11-Oct-07 21:45:53

hi, could anyone advise me please? We are looking at 2 houses to buy and they both have different aspects for the garden. I've been told tha Westerly is likely to have more sun but DH seems of the view that all gardens get some sun (when we have it) during the day anyway and that it will just really be a case of early morning and evening light. Is this true? Would be great to know before we made a decision. Thanks in advance MNetters.

Furball Fri 12-Oct-07 06:51:42

we had a north facing garden it got sun in the morning then it's shaded gradually by your house by about 4-5pm. If you don't like strong sunshine it's great as there's always a retreat in the shade.

We have since had 2 dead south facing gardens and there is no respite whatsoever only comming indoors unless we've put a shade up.

eyesfront Fri 12-Oct-07 21:11:50

i would always go for west over north, so you will get afternoon and evening sun on the back of the house, if you've got a patio at the house end it will be lovely and warm in the summer evenings. But it does depend on your attitude to sunshine - i would prefer a south facing garden above anything.

oooggs Fri 12-Oct-07 21:12:48

westerly after southerly (which would always be 1st choice)

WeeWitchyWilkie Fri 12-Oct-07 21:14:03

Had North facing garden - NEVER AGAIN. It was awful in the lovely weather hardly getting any sun. Would only ever buy South/South West/West facing in future.

It is a major consideration IMO

CrookshanksinJimmyChoos Fri 12-Oct-07 21:15:16

We wanted a west/south facing garden but the house we fell in love with was North facing...after much imming and ahhing we went for the North facing one as we felt that with the English weather, you don't spend that much time out in the garden for the best part of the year!

Having said that, for a good 3 months of the summer, most of the garden gets the sun for a good part of the afternoon so we can still enjoy the sunshine when its hot. Its also handy now DS is on the scene as when its hot, you want them to be able to play in the shade

ScaryScaryNight Fri 12-Oct-07 21:40:52

We have a north facing garden and I love it.

The fence at the bottom of the garden is of course south facing, and I grow a lot of sun oving plants there, so have a nice sun-trap corner, with a bench for reading and enjoying a cup of coffee in the sun.

Outside my back door there is a deck, which is in the shade on the hottest part of the day, and to be honest, I would not want it in any other way. The deck has sun in the morning, afternoon and evening, the rest of the garden (outside the shade of the house) has sun all day long. Perfect!

movingmumma Sat 13-Oct-07 12:00:16

ah that's brilliant advice from you all, thank you! was really getting in a bit of a pickle about it. as if deciding on a house isn't complicated enough. I'm not a gardener (as don't currently have a garden) but am really looking forward to getting stuck in and enjoying some outside space at last. We actually preferred the house which had the westerly aspect so made our decision based on that in the end. thank you xx

LIZS Sat 13-Oct-07 12:04:21

Westerly will cast a long shadow frmthe house until late morning. Ours is north facing and for mid summer we even get sun onto our patio from about 10 o'clock. Garden is long and thin and I'd say 3/4 gets sun for much of the day.

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