Plants to deter cats from using garden as loo [angry emoticon]

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NomDePlume Fri 24-Sep-04 10:32:17

My other thread about shrubs reminded me of this question too, so...

I have a lovely new raised herb bed (about 8 x 6 feet) which contains, mint (planted in buried terracotta pots), basil, thyme and rosemary. My cat has a tendency to use the lovely new feature as his own personal convenience. Obv I shoo him away if I catch him in the act, but ideally I want to stop him doing it altogether.

I plan to plant french lavender in a low hedge next to the bed and I'm hoping that the strong smell with deter him, but is there anything else I can plant alongside that will 'turn him off' ?

Thanks again !

berries Fri 24-Sep-04 10:39:16

Have you got any rose bushes or anything else with thorns? Use the prunings from these on the bed & it stops them. Not sure about any plants that will work though.

NomDePlume Fri 24-Sep-04 10:41:16

I dug my thorny roses out, as my washing kept getting caught on them. Plus the fact that my 2yr old was trying to tough the pretties (flowers) and I was afraid she'd snag herself on them.

NomDePlume Fri 24-Sep-04 10:41:39

I mean, 'touch the pretties'

SoupDragon Fri 24-Sep-04 12:14:30

I'm sure I read somewhere that growing catminit deters them from using that spot as a toilet. Since they like rubbing through the catmint, they don't want to use the area as a loo.

Prettybird Fri 24-Sep-04 12:20:22

Monty Don was on Radion 2 on Wednesday night and was asked this question: he suggested soaking a couple of tea bags in essential oil (tea tree and/or lavendar - I would also consider a citrus one, as they don't like that either, apparently) and submerging that in the soil where the cat has been digging.

PotPourri Fri 24-Sep-04 13:18:06

I've heard that planting garlic pods also deters them. Not sure if it would make all your herbs garlicy though...

Or you could put skewers in the soil so that it is 'uncomfortable' for them to go there. Same as the rose bushes though, could be dangerous for children

Twiga Fri 24-Sep-04 14:26:10

Coffe grounds are meant to work - cheap solution if you drink lots of fresh coffee. Can also buy stuff in garden centre called 'cat stop' i think it's safe for kids and other pets. The make is 'growing sucsess' and smells very strongly of garlic.

Avalon Fri 24-Sep-04 14:35:05

What about making a small 'cat toilet' somewhere in the garden where your dd can't go? If you used something which appealed to cats and at the same time made your herb bed less appealing, perhaps it would work. Maybe gravel, or cat litter initially if the cat's used to that.

Twiglett Fri 24-Sep-04 16:22:20

message withdrawn

agy Fri 24-Sep-04 16:30:52

Well, Silent Roar works for me! You must have some big, brave cats round your way Twiglett!

Bet the windmills look pretty anyway.

SoupDragon Fri 24-Sep-04 17:21:08

Shoot them with a pump action water gun, Twiglett!

Avalon Fri 24-Sep-04 17:29:03

What about one of those black metal cat shapes with glass stones for eyes? They're supposed to work...

Alternatively, you can get noise makers to scare away the cats that only cats can hear - maybe called Cat Chaser. Some you can get where you can change the setting for dogs, rats, etc.

whymummy Fri 24-Sep-04 17:40:04

i've read that moth balls work,cats hate them and also putting kitchen foil cats don't like walking on it,i don't know how would you keep it in place or if you have a huge garden it'll be a pain putting kitchen foil all over the borders but the moth balls might be worth trying

Twiglett Fri 24-Sep-04 18:29:56

message withdrawn

Distracted Fri 24-Sep-04 18:35:06

NomdePlume, this might not help you as it's your own cat, but Twiglett - we found the only way to keep cats from using our flowerbeds to poo in was to buy a cat scarer. It needs batteries and you stick it in the ground and it has a motion detector and emits a high pitched sound each time movement sets it off. You can't hear it yourself but cats hate it. I bought ours in a garden centre, but they're not cheap. Think it might have been £20-£30 (was years ago, can't remember). The batteries do wear out quickly though if you use the garden a lot yourself so have to remember to turn it off when you're out in the garden.

We had previously tried all the cat detering pellets you can buy and none of them worked, some even seemed to encourage the cats (garlicky smelling ones).

JoolsToo Fri 24-Sep-04 18:56:11

MMmmm I thought cats didn't poo in their own back yards - no! they all gravitate to my garden! Methinks I will be reaching for the Silent Roar, although the pump action water gun sounds more my style

TraceyP Sat 25-Sep-04 18:17:10

Someone suggested catmint to deter them - if your cats are anything like mine and the two next door, catmint or catnip will be a waste of time as they won't just rub around it, they will *eat* it - every last twig.

SoupDragon Sat 25-Sep-04 19:21:03

But they won't poo in the herb garder

TraceyP Sat 25-Sep-04 19:59:24

They will once they've eaten all the catnip!!!

KatieMac Sat 25-Sep-04 20:04:28

Finely chop orange or lemon peel and sprinkle - needs replacing every 4-5 days - but they leran after 3-4 weeks

rosielee Wed 29-Sep-04 18:13:58

There are plants you can buy (annuals) from, I think, Thompson and Morgan, which are supposed to repel cats. I haven't yet tried them, so can't report back, but I'm v tempted.

Another thing I've heard is Olbas oil on teabags (similar to former essential oil idea; and I'm about to try spreading teasels on the ground - similar to rose pruning idea. They're supposed to not like cocoa shell mulch either, becos it's a bit spiky to walk on. It's certainly great as a mulch.

littlemissbossy Wed 29-Sep-04 18:43:57

I'm not sure about plants tbh, but if you have any roses, trim them down and use the real thorny bits in between your herbs ... once they've stood on those, they won't venture there again

nightowl Thu 30-Sep-04 01:02:09

ive heard of a few things that deter cats...something which apparently emits a high pitched sound they really dont like (sorry dont know the name), citrus, pepper powder (around the herbs i imagine not on them! ) and my vet told me that a cat will not poo/spray anywhere near their food so perhaps that may be worth a try (cat food i mean not catnip as that tends to send mine loopy)

NomDePlume Thu 30-Sep-04 11:36:47

Thanks for these

albert Thu 30-Sep-04 11:42:37

I just sprinkle house hold pepper on the plants and soil, works a treat!

waterbug Thu 30-Sep-04 11:47:35

I've heard that really strong curry vindaloo is supposed to work well, though I'm not sure if this is the powder or paste or what??
I suppose powder would just blow away.
Anyway haven't tried it myself yet, I'll let you know if it works when I have.

mothernature Thu 30-Sep-04 11:48:53

Here are a few tips to deter cats from your garden without harming them.

Surround an area with a fence (e.g. chicken wire) that leans in the direction from which the cat will approach. Alternatively, a flimsy plastic roll-up fencing placed on top of a fence will prevent cats climbing over it - fix taut wire or string 10-15 cm above fence-tops which makes it difficult for cats to balance. Specially designed strips of plastic spikes on top of a fence, shed roof or nestbox roof can be purchased to prevent cats from walking on it.

Light reflection can also be affective. An old gamekeepers trick is to place _ full plastic bottles in borders. Unwanted CDs threaded on twine and placed across flower beds or hung from trees can also deter cats.

Other deterrents are:- spiked collars around tree trunks, downward opening cones or biscuit tins fixed below bird table poles, vaseline or other grease on a smooth pole, clippings from thorny or spiky plants under feeders and bushes to prevent cats from stalking birds.

Scent deterrents also work. Renardine, Citronella, orange or lemon peel will repel while lion manure (Silent Roar) will mark a territory. A plant with a pungent odour, Coleus canina (poss under names ‘Pee-off’ and ‘Scaredy cat’) is said to repel cats and other mammals from the garden.

Cats also hate water, fill a bucket or water pistol and keep it handy or an automated deterrent called The Scarecrow can be bought which delivers a water jet when detecting motion. High frequency electronic devices to repel cats are also available.

Remember it is an offence to knowingly trap, kill or injure a cat

Portree Sun 03-Oct-04 14:32:36

The CDs have worked for us. I just stuck them in the flower bed at an angle. DH has also taken to urinating (I'm serious!) at various points in the garden, under the cover of darkness to preserve the neighbours sensibilities. This was more to deter the wretched fox. This too has worked but needs to be done regularly.

marthamoo Sun 03-Oct-04 15:16:55

I have tried CDs and ribbons of aluminium foil suspended on thread, mothballs, curry powder, chilli powder, proprietary deterrants, plastic bottles filled with water, orange peel, Jeyes Fluid in semi submerged pots, planting shrubs which are supposed to deter cats, teabags soaked in coldy-menthol stuff (name escapes me - you put drops on a pillow when your kids have a cold)....NOTHING WORKS.

At least it's your own cat and at least it's a flower bed. Mine is on my *%$$"£#** lawn and it's cats I don't know...GRRRRRRR

vkone Mon 04-Oct-04 03:49:10

Have you tried a thick gravel mulch (10mm gravel - sharp)? This is what I did in my raised mint bed which previously doubled as the cat loo, they can't bear the feel of gravel on their paws and leave off. Also it helps retain water, etc.

throckenholt Mon 04-Oct-04 08:18:55

try putting rose cuttings on it for a while - once the cat realises it isn't a comfortable place to go you can stop using them.

TraceyP Fri 08-Oct-04 19:24:15

Marthamoo - silly question probably, but are you sure it's cats? They don't normally poo on lawns, they usually dig holes in soft soil and bury it (although I'm sure that there's always an exception). Might it be something else - foxes or something?

Elwin Thu 28-Feb-13 11:22:17

Hi, does this mean i have to add rose thorns all over my garden? as i have 5 neighbours cats who poo everywhere including the lawn, and they most certainly DO NOT bury it! i have watched them from my kitchen window. i have tried the sonic machine, cat mint, moth balls garlic sprays, gels pellets, cat scare, shiny things mirrors, and water. I am at the end of my tethers, especially that my 4 year old seems always to find the poo and stand in it!

mrsmandm Sun 03-Mar-13 19:41:35

Cats c*^+ing on my lawn and borders drives me nuts. Eventually gave up on growing anything in the borders (stunk of poo anyway) and put slate chippings down - that worked but they then started going on the lawn instead!

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