How to enrich soil in steep rockery?

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museumum Thu 22-Sep-16 13:37:24


I suspect my steep sloped rockery could do with a load more nutrients. We've recently had some clover appear which I've ripped out and the peony rose only had one flower this year.
The trouble is there's no way to fork in manure and no space to dig it over.
Would I be better with a liquid feed? Or bonemeal? I'm not sure how the bonemeal could be dug in?
And what feed do I use for a real mix of plants - the ones I've seen look quite specific.

Thank you!

Ideally, in a rockery you should be growing plants that thrive in the conditions on offer - things that get going in poor, thin, very well drained soil, like alpines. I would swap out the peony and put it somewhere you can give it loads of manure and compost, because that is what it likes??

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