Honeysuckle 'Scentsational' - but is it?

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Solo2 Sun 17-Oct-10 08:54:59

Has any one had expereince growing this variety of honeysuckle - which in garden centres is advertised as exceptionally fragrant? Is it really that better than other varieties?

Would I be better off with something like 'Hall's prolific' to cover an entire fence, rapidly - or does 'Scentsational' really live up to its name? I'm looking for rapid, healthy growth but also a powerful, garden-filling scent.

Finally, where's the best place to buy mature specimums of all climbers, including honeysuckle? I need several climbers each around 6 feet minimum height already and all the local garden centres seem only to sell tiny one foot specimums.

Pannacotta Wed 20-Oct-10 17:16:04

I haven't ever planted that particular honeysuckle, but if you want a climber to cover a fence then it might be worth looking at other options.
Honeysuckle is great for scrambling through hedgerows and through other plants/trees, but it climbs by twisting/twining, so it tends to grow upwards in thick clumps, so not ideal for screening/covering anything.

I have found this very fast growing (its evergreen with scented flowers in spring)
www.bluebellnursery.com/catalogue/climbers/Holboel lia/H/1863564

Again it isnt self clinging, but mine seems to be happier to be trained against a wall than honeysuckle.

Go to a local nursery for decent sized climbers, rather than a garden centre.

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