No tuition fees loan for second degree BUT could I get childcare help?

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Am finding it tricky to navigate the SFE site so apologies if this is bleedin' obvious...

20 years after doing my first degree am doing a full time MSc (£5800 fees) starting in September. I know I can't get a tuition fees loan but I have 2x2 year olds who'll need to be in nursery and a 20 year old whose Uni expenses I'm paying out of savings.

I'm not working. DP is, and on a very good wage so would put us out of anything means-tested if we're classed as a unit. But we're not married, and my DS at Uni isn't his.

What do you think I might get from SFE? Have applied for every scholarship going and written off to all the funds for Gentlewomen in Education and Indigent Gentry etc!

titchy Sun 06-Jul-14 19:03:03

There are no loans for postgraduate courses full stop, the exception being PGCE and poss some Medical quals.

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