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chickengoujon Sat 10-Sep-11 18:04:07

I am so upset and just looking for a bit of support really. My dd worked desperately hard to get into uni to do medicine. She volunteered at a local old people's home, worked at the gps, worked at the hospital, etc. She got fantastic A levels: A*, A, A, B in general studies. She is a lovely girl, really home loving and plesant.

When she went off to uni she was sad and then started to really live it up, not working very hard. She failed an exam after christmas but apparently that 'didn't matter'. She then failed 5 exams in the summer and spent all summer revising for her resits, only to fail again. After the uni asked her to leave last week she told me that she hadn't been eating properly for about 6 months. She is 5ft 8 and 7st 10. She is like a stick insect and I have been very concerned about her extreme thinness, but she reassured me that she was fine. She said how she had difficulty concentrating when revising and couldn't remember things - does anorexia do this? We didn't submit mitigations before her exams because I wasn't aware that she wasn't eating and she thought she was fine. Could we appeal? Is it too late? The uni seem totally disinterested and couldn't care less.

I feel so upset. Getting her in was so difficult and now it seems she has lost everything. She is totally devastated. Thanks for reading.

TootsFroots Thu 19-Sep-13 09:39:56

That's a good post AlreadyTaken. I totaly agree that finding out about medical school admissions has to be a multi pronged approach.
It depends on the applicants skill sets too. If you are a 14 A* GCSE / 4 A* at A'level student with a stunning UKCAT score you probably don't need to analyse everything quite so much.
The main point I was trying to get across is that everything should be double checked as there is incorrect advice around.

I took a look at the student room wiki for medicine a level requirements for 2014 and it looked very comprehensive. It is certainly a great place to start.

alreadytaken Thu 19-Sep-13 11:52:25

totally agree with checking as we had different advice from different staff of one medical school. The great thing about the student room is that advice often comes from other current applicants and at least some will have been at the open days and therefore had the most up-to-date picture from the admission tutors. A Cambridge admission tutor was answering questions on TSR for a short time, other universities could usefully copy that.

Even the applicants with good academics can get 4 rejections, there are some each year. The students I know who have researched the schools most are also the ones I suspect will make the best doctors. They are determined, prepared to work hard, aren't arrogant and like to make their decisions on the best evidence they can get.

Jenmumof3 Thu 19-Sep-13 17:45:27

So sorry to hear about your dd. My ds just finished his first year of medicine. Left for uni happy, strong, confident. Returned seriously depressed. There was no support form him whatsoever. The uni's 'mentoring' scheme consisted of one 20 min meeting a year to discuss all social, emotional and academic problems ... tutors and gp similarly overworked and useless. Spent summer trying to get him in somewhere else and despite medical notes saying he needed to be nearer home they all said they didn't take anyone who'd already been enrolled in another school. Medicine seems to be a law unto itself and lack all compassion. I'm really scared about my son going back .... Hope your dd feeling better, her uni sound so rubbish - maybe threaten them with breach of duty of care ... any lawyers who can advise ....

Candlefire Thu 19-Sep-13 17:51:47

Sorry to hear that jenmum. Do you know any specifics of why he's depressed?

TootsFroots Thu 19-Sep-13 20:47:52

Just a reminder that this thread is a bit of a ZOMBIE thread but one that has turned into a general chat about medicine and Unis.

mindgone Fri 20-Sep-13 00:51:37

Alreadytaken and Tootsfroots, thank you so much for your considered advice, it is so much appreciated! I could never see DS as a surgeon! He's thinking more of general practice, or maybe psychiatry. Will suggest TSR to start, then specifics on uni websites. Thanks so much again, so useful and insightful from someone who's been there. thanks

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