Translators, how much do you charge per 1000 words?

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Threadwworm Sun 28-Sep-08 07:20:47

I've been asked by a Japanese academic to revise his written English. His article is fairly competantly but very weirdly written, obviously by a non-native English speaker.

It requires quite substantial revision so I thought I would pitch my fee somewhere between my normal copy-editing rate and a translator's rate. Hence my question.

I'll be very grateful for your thoughts.

Threadworrm Fri 03-Oct-08 06:53:33

Teddimac. Thanks very much. This is quite reassuring. I decided to quote him £400 for 11,500-word article. Which from what you say is alowish, reasonable price. I had been nervous that I'd overcharged.

I am familiar with the subject matter,so that shouldn't be a prob. I'm actually looking forward to it. It should be really enjoyable.

If a fairy gave me one wish, I might wish to be a translator -- of great novels. The combination of creativity and constraint involved in expressing the thoughts of one language in another must be a wonderful thing.

jillandersan Fri 07-Jun-13 16:56:03

I use translators a lot in my work. I have tried many but have found Kwintessential to be terrific. Here

Hope this helps x

Fraxinus Tue 11-Jun-13 21:29:49

Zombie thread! I wonder how the op got on with her work?

Also check out the ITI. Agree with Teddimac about not under-charging - the workload for you is the same whoever you're working for. The Translators' Association current minimum recommended observed rate for literary translation, which I base my rates on, is £88.50 per 1000.

Oh yes, hadn't noticed the date. Wonder why it was in active convos?

Fraxinus Tue 11-Jun-13 23:49:55


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