I need a book-keeper

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BrightnessAndWallpaper Sun 08-Sep-13 18:13:45

For my hairdressing business (from home and mobile).

Figures aren't my strong point - how much will using a book keeper cost me?

BrightnessAndWallpaper Sun 08-Sep-13 18:23:54

Oh. And how can I find a reputable one?

It's often best to go by recommendation, so I'd ask around any other local businesses who they use, or perhaps some of your clients are self-employed themselves and might be able to suggest someone.

Failing that, try looking on [[ http://www.bookkeepers.org.uk/ Institute of Chartered Bookkeepers]]. They will all have obtained the correct qualifications at least.

Also, parish magazines and Gumtree are likely to have bookkeeper s advertising in them.

Or have you thought about getting an accountant who should be able to advise on more than just bookkeeping, but will probably cost a bit more?

Costwise, it really varies depending on where you are based and how much you want them to do.

Bugger. I'll try again


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