I NEED to know why?

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ThreadWatcher Sat 01-Sep-12 00:20:41

Im searching for a particular topic - hunting through the endless list of different topics now on MN.

And I have stumbled on Ford

If Ford was in a section called "cars" I could understand it.

But for some reason Ford lives in "other stuff"

Please explain oh knowledgable Ford people!

LadyStark Sat 01-Sep-12 00:30:46

I too now need to know this!


Devora Sat 01-Sep-12 00:31:27

Me too.

ImNotInsaneMyMotherHadMeTested Sat 01-Sep-12 00:35:13

Is it to do with Aldous Huxley? ( not too sure of the spelling )?!

dearprudence Sat 01-Sep-12 00:36:39

What else is in here? <goes to look>

'Tis all about corporate mutual back-scratching, innit. Ford has had MNers do tests on its cars a couple of times.

CouvelaireHair Sat 01-Sep-12 00:37:54

what section is it in? <too lazy to look>

TigerStripe Sat 01-Sep-12 00:39:01

Annie has it I should think. But reading the very few threads on here, Ford aren't really doing themselves any favours. Surely it should be monitored and posters responded to by Ford for it to be a positive marketing tool for them? Instead, someone from Cahoots is using it to sneakily increase traffic to their website.

ImNotInsaneMyMotherHadMeTested Sat 01-Sep-12 00:39:22

I'm very disappointed as I've just checked and all the other posts are about cars, looks like just a mistake and not something to do with science fiction.

Oh well off to bed with me!

dearprudence Sat 01-Sep-12 00:40:28

Not 'herself' then?

Fucking big massive lolz at Aldous Huxley.

ThreadWatcher Sat 01-Sep-12 00:44:00

Ford lives in "other stuff"

All threads appear to be sensible questions and discussions to do with Ford Cars - boringly sensible.

But why.................?

I NEED to KNOW grin

ThreadWatcher Sat 01-Sep-12 00:45:11

If Ford live in a CAR area of MN obviously it would make sense!

But "he" doesnt, he lives in Other Stuff!

Most odd - Im glad its not just me that is wondering smile

There was some sort of handholdery between the forum giant and the automotive giant, I believe.


Maryz Tue 18-Sep-12 12:35:33

Wasn't there a competition, once, a long, long time ago <wracks brains, unsuccessfully>

any pendants around to sort wrack and rack for me?

I thought it'd be a) Gina Ford the Baby Whisperer b) Ford from The Hitchhikers Guide. Sadly it's boring ol' cars.

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