Beware the Ford Focus and spark plug problem

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flora717 Thu 05-Mar-15 21:40:32

I found a noticeable 'dip' starting in my FF around 20 mph. I now regularly dry the spark plugs (after large puddles / heavy rain)

FuntimeFelicity Tue 01-May-12 19:28:40

...because it's a known fault. But not to me when I bought mine angry.

When the spark plugs get wet, the car misfires when accelerating. Last time it caused a spark plug to blow and led to £1000 repair bill because the other plugs were stuck fast.

Today, it's misfiring again (plugs less than 7 months old) and looks to be the same problem. I'll be trading it in as soon as we've sorted it out this time and I will NOT be buying another Ford.

Shame, but there you are. As it's our only car, I need it to be reliable, which it isn't.

So beware the shoddy Ford Focus, it may end up costing you an arm and a leg sad.

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