Hello Ford, are you listening!??

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EmilyEms1 Wed 08-Aug-12 17:44:18

Hey guys,

Just for future reference, you can check this website to see car reviews from people that have owned the car previously and you can also sell or buy a second hand car if you wanted to as well - it uses social media to find everything so its really honest. Feedback from you on certain cars is always great too, for others that are using the website to be warned before buying - like with the Ford!


BibiBelle Mon 02-Jul-12 13:26:37

Ah slalomsuki, it's a joy isn't it hmm

mine is going to have to go back in for Air Con that doesn't work <sigh>

slalomsuki Sat 30-Jun-12 12:45:15

My oil device light is always on and ford say just live with it even straight after a service.

I could also mention the carpet under the foot pedals that rolled up and interfered with the brake on the first journey home from the garage. Been stuck back twice but essentially it's been cut too neat to fix properly.

Now how about the fusing issue on the rear lights. That my fault apparently for leaving it on automatic light setting.

BibiBelle Fri 29-Jun-12 18:07:48

We've discovered the useful that goes across the back of the boot but it really doesn't help me when I have to stack up boxes and boxes of cakes for delivery.

Fricking air conditioning not working now either <sigh> At least they've given me a free service for all the bother and I don't have to take it to that shower of shites at Arnold Clark thank feck.

slalomsuki Thu 28-Jun-12 20:30:14

It's a problem with my smax too. There is a bar that you can get to go across the front but you have to be careful not to lean on it when you are reaching to the back of the boot as its only plastic at the ends and I know to my cost that it snaps easily.

Ford why not just design the slope the other way or some other non drop thing to stoop everything rolling out.

Lou071 Sat 09-Jun-12 22:48:53

Have same boot issues with our smax. Have opened it and had box of lager slide out and onto my toes. Hmm fizzy lager and sore toes angry. Also the reversing and interior lights are really dim. Otherwise fab car - pretty much perfect for all our unnecessary junk /the kids/shopping/friends/holidays.

BibiBelle Fri 13-Apr-12 16:35:33

Yes, very flimsy indeed and all the compartments along the roof keep opening whilst I'm driving which blocks my view out of the rearview mirror angry

Do you think they're listening?!?

ChaosTrulyReigns71 Fri 13-Apr-12 00:17:12

Does everything fall out of your glovebox as well when you open it?

Damn Ford and their slopy compartments.

BibiBelle Thu 12-Apr-12 19:00:34

Having just bought a Galaxy can you PLEASE either explain OR take on board a few observations?

The boot. The sodding boot has a drop/slant at the bottom. When you open the boot (which with a family of 3 young children and a dog is normally full) everything slides out. Not a huge issue unless you're using it to also deliver goods that you supply as part of your business. Upside down food stuff on the customer's drive is NOT a good look.

Bike carriers. Why oh why have you made it so difficult/expensive to get a bike carrier to fit? We have a universal one that goes on the rear of every other car we own/have owned but it doesn't fit on the Galaxy. So after having to buy new feet for the roof box bars we now can't take the bikes anywhere. We need the roof box (see above comment re dog in the boot) so we either have to get a tow bar (much money) or a bike carrier that goes on the roof (no use for me as I'm too short and also mucho money)

Other than that I love it. Ta smile

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