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your best meal ideas for pork loin steaks.. i have ALOT of them!!

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mothersmilk Thu 22-Apr-10 12:56:31

obviously in my freezer so i dont have to use all of them but ideas would be great so i could plan some meals

IMoveTheStars Thu 22-Apr-10 13:02:27

www.channel4.com/food/recipes/chefs/gordon-ramsay/spiced-pork-chops-with-crushed-sweet-potatoes-reci pe_p_1.html


Spicy rub with 1tsp each of crushed cumin seeds, crushed coriander seeds, sweet paprika, chilli powder. Add some whole grain mustard, salt and pepper and a glug of oil, and rub onto the meat. BBQ or grill.

Iklboo Thu 22-Apr-10 13:05:26

Pork parcels:
Pop steak on a square of foil. Add sliced mushrooms, onions & peppers. Season, dot with butter. You can add a splash of white wine and a spoonful of single cream if you want to 'posh it up.
Fold up foil into a parcel & cook in the oven for about 30-40 mins depending on the size.
We serve them with baked potatoes & mange tout or sugar snap peas

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 22-Apr-10 13:06:26

Do you have any onion marmalade stuff?

Pork loins are very nice, grilled on both sides, then put a dollop of onion marmalde and some blue cheese on top, and grill until cheese melted. DD's favourite thing ever, she could eat this every day.

Or, mix some wholegrain mustard with some honey, marinade together, then cook in the oven.

Marinade in olive oil, juice of a lemon, torn sage leaves, a smashed garlic and a chopped onion, plus salt and pepper, marinate in bag overnight. Very nice and subtle sage and onion flavour.

Is good to add some liquid of some description - pork loin steaks are very lean and can be dry if cooked plain.

GabrieleJ Thu 22-Apr-10 18:30:11

Fry them quickly in a pan, toast some chiabata, and make onion, cream, tarragon, and wholegrain mustard sauce, my hubbies favourite

Joolyjoolyjoo Thu 22-Apr-10 18:32:23

Whang them in the oven for 15 minutes. Meanwhile grate some cheese and a teaspoon of mustard into a tub of creme fraiche. Smear over the chops, stick back in the oven for another 5-10 mins. Dead easy, dead quick and tastes lovely

pinkycheesy Thu 22-Apr-10 21:39:19

Bash them flat, then coat in breadcrumbs and pan fry. Serve with salad and new potatoes

Stick a couple of slices of mozarella on them and wrap with parma ham. Pan fry, with some garlic, remove from pan and splash in some sherry vinegar to deglaze pan, add some apple juice and reduce. Pop pork back in to warm though.

Or soften some onion, mushroom and garlic. Pan fry pork, add mushrooms and onions, some brandy or vermouth and some cream or creme fraiche.

thereistheball Fri 23-Apr-10 07:55:01

Marinade in honey, lemon, chilli (either fresh chopped, or dried flakes, or tobasco), soy, ginger and garlic. Bake in the oven in the marinade. Once they're done strain the marinade of bits and boil down til it's a sauce. Serve with baked sweet potatoes.

Chop up and casserole with mushrooms, peppers and paprika. Serve with rice.

evansmummy Fri 23-Apr-10 19:54:15

Slice up and stir fry with assorted veg, soy, sweet chilli sauce, splash of sherry (or Chinese cooking wine if you have it) and grated ginger. Serve with noodles.

realitychick Sat 24-Apr-10 19:39:28

Slice up fennel, onion, thick chunks of cooking apple and some fresh sage leaves. Put them all in a roasting pan together and pour over one glass of apple juice and one glass of white whine. Cook until it's bubbling and the sauce has reduced. Serve with rice or potatoes. Pork and apple are good together.

brockleybelle Sat 24-Apr-10 19:43:29

bash them to make them thin, coat in a mix of dijon mustard and honey, cover with breadcrumbs (breadcrumbs, thyme, lemon zest),fry. Put in the oven on a low heat while you fry the rest. I serve with rice and coleslaw.

(This is Rachael Ray recipe).

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