Malteser Chocolate Tiffin

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roomonsammacsbroom Sun 09-Oct-05 16:26:46

Have been on the hunt for a recipe like this after dh tasted one when we were away fro the weekend and found this.


This is based on a recipe from the Blacksmith's Coffee Shop, Belsay, north of Newcastle. Use the best chocolate you can get (minimum 60% cocoa solids for dark; minimum 30% for milk).

100g quality dark chocolate
300g quality milk chocolate
100g butter

3 tbsp golden syrup
275g digestive biscuits, crushed
250g Maltesers

Melt the dark chocolate, 100g of milk chocolate, the butter and syrup together and then stir in the digestives. Gently stir in the Maltesers and tip into a lined Swiss-roll tin (23 x 33 cm), levelling out.

Melt the remaining 200g of milk chocolate and pour over, smoothing the surface carefully. Once cold, cut into pieces.

mmmmm chocolate heaven, I've added raisins and you could put other things in too.

Cooling in the fridge, will share when ready

teeavee Sun 09-Oct-05 16:28:57


SoupDragon Sun 09-Oct-05 16:30:49

"will share when ready" yeah, right. More like "will stik my head in the fridge and scoff the lot".

CountessCadburyOfBournville Sun 09-Oct-05 16:51:50

There is only one person I know who makes this. I wonder if it's the same one.


HausOfHorrors Sun 09-Oct-05 17:10:35


SoupDragon Sun 09-Oct-05 17:12:18

The seemingly innocuous ingredients of ordinary Chocolate Tiffin mysteriously turn into something akin to crack cocaine when put together. Heaven knows what this one's like.

roomonsammacsbroom Sun 09-Oct-05 17:24:36

Made a mistake and put ALL the chocolate in the mixture so had to send for chocolate reinforcement from the shops for the topping.

Not tasted it yet though am waiting until after dinner(honest )

SoupDragon Sun 09-Oct-05 17:27:29

You've eaten it all and have got to make another batch haven't you?

Laura032004 Sun 09-Oct-05 17:35:02

Just read the ingredients of that out to DH. Sounds scrummy. How could it not be nice?

teeavee Sun 09-Oct-05 17:36:59

i'd never heard the word 'tiffin' before - but I like the sound of it!

what's the recipe for an ordinary Chocolate tiffin then??

roomonsammacsbroom Sun 09-Oct-05 17:42:25

Dunno- I've been doing lots of googling for tiffin, just knew it was a crushed biscuity, done in the fridge type thing and came across the recipe. We were away for the weekend with a bunch of folk and someone produced something like this and dh was raving about it( I never so much as even glanced it!) Not wanting to be outdone, I've been on a mission ever since to find a recipe, and this looked pretty darn good. But on the lookout for more. ( and it was a doddle to make, dd could have done it herself. Ds's contribution was licking the spoon!)

Have been watching this thread and did it taste!!!!

meggymoo Mon 10-Oct-05 23:53:02

Message withdrawn

roomonsammacsbroom Tue 11-Oct-05 21:21:04

I've seen that in Starbucks but never tasted it- maybe I need to now for research purposes!

It tastes very yummy- and I have cut it in small squares rather than slices( then you can have two without the guilt!)

gscrym Tue 18-Oct-05 12:32:03

I'm going to tyr a white chocolate version

Millie1 Tue 18-Oct-05 15:31:10

Alternative is to do a white chocolate toppping and sprinkle crushed maltesers over the top. Will have to make some of these soon!

MrsDoolittle Tue 18-Oct-05 15:34:28

Oh my - I feel a trip to Tescos comming on.

It's not fair!! I'm 22 weeks pregnant and desperately trying to control my weight.

Nbg Tue 18-Oct-05 15:37:17

Just enough time to make it and eat it before I do Beetroots diet

MrsDoolittle Tue 18-Oct-05 15:43:38

Okay I have now copied and printed the recipe, am ready to go to Tesco.

Should I double the quantity for good measure??

wilbur Tue 18-Oct-05 15:49:15

Wow this looks sooo good. Will be trying it out v soon and telling myself the calories will magically disappear through breastfeeding. Along with the other zillion calories I consume daily with the same excuse...

3PRINCESSES Tue 18-Oct-05 16:09:34

For some bizarre reason, my dh thinks 'tiffin' is a very smutty euphemism for sex.

(Know which I'd rather have-- especially if this is the recipe on offer.)

monstrousmummy Tue 18-Oct-05 16:11:46

Have you bought the recipe book from the blscksmiths cafe---??

It's one of my favourite haunts!! Must get dh to go this weekend!

MrsDoolittle Tue 18-Oct-05 17:37:05

I think the Tiffin euphemism comes from a Carry On film.

Nemo666 Tue 18-Oct-05 17:38:26

ooooooooooooo that sounds fab........mmmmmmmmmmmm may have to buy the ingredients.

gscrym Wed 19-Oct-05 16:17:53

Thats the white chocolate version in the fridge. Had to swap the maltesers with cranberries as I forgot to buy some.
I'm now going to perform a ritualistic dance to encourage it to cool faster.

FrightfullyPoshFloss Wed 19-Oct-05 16:43:48

Hmm, was thinking of doing the same old rice crispie cakes for Ds's birthday. Perhaps I should do this instead?

sunchowder Wed 19-Oct-05 17:28:34

Sammack---would you mind if I used this recipe in my cookbook? I will put you in the credits along with Blacksmiths Coffee Shop!

SoupDragon Wed 19-Oct-05 17:34:32

white chocolate is an abomination.

gscrym Wed 19-Oct-05 17:38:57

Soupdragon, I have no choice, I'm allergic to caffeine which is in milk/dark chocolate. You get used to it.

roomonsammacsbroom Sun 30-Oct-05 16:04:43

Only just seen this Sunchowder. Of course use it- I would be very honoured, but I claim no ownership of it, just my googling skills at work

northender Sun 30-Oct-05 16:12:12

Have made this twice already since first seeing it. Not good for pre Christmas diet!!

roomonsammacsbroom Sun 30-Oct-05 16:13:46

It's very yummy isn't it!!!!!

Mmmmmm have I got stuff to make it with??? Must go check

monstrousmummy Sun 30-Oct-05 18:40:22

I made it last week!! yum yum!!

Had not explored this part of the 'talk' area before...not I am always checking in case I fancy something on here for tea!!

JessicaandRebeccasmummy Mon 31-Oct-05 20:10:54

right - got all the ingredients.... BUT.... whats the measurements in oz's? DH's scales are the old fashioned weights one side ingredients the other..... HELP!

SoupDragon Mon 31-Oct-05 20:16:25

1 oz = 25g IIRC.

SoupDragon Mon 31-Oct-05 20:17:01

(roughly speaking. It seems to be the conversion most recipes use)

meggymoo Mon 31-Oct-05 20:17:13

Message withdrawn

SoupDragon Mon 31-Oct-05 20:18:38

And, because I'm bored, you get:

4oz quality dark chocolate
12oz quality milk chocolate
4oz butter

3 tbsp golden syrup
11oz digestive biscuits, crushed
10oz Maltesers


JessicaandRebeccasmummy Mon 31-Oct-05 20:19:32


I can go off and make it now and maybe get to eat some before bed!!!

Flossam Fri 04-Nov-05 00:19:10

i made this tonight and it is lovverly. So thanks very much. Dp's estimation of the estasblishment has increased after tasting this lovely chocolatey tiffin!!

SoupDragon Fri 04-Nov-05 08:13:22

I was rather disappointed actually. I think the Maltesers need to be crushed to a certain extent otherwise the overpower the texture of the Tiffin. And make it fall apart more easily so you have to eat all the crumbs and make yourself feel sick...

starshaker Fri 04-Nov-05 08:19:38

oh i made this the other day but used golden crunch biscuits instead with white and milk buttons and mixed it in with dark chocolate. dont know what it was like cos i made it at work and hadnt set by the time i left

SoupDragon Fri 04-Nov-05 08:27:04

I used out of date bourbon biscuits because that's all I had Tiffin is good if you use ginger nuts too...

OMG - dp made this for me.......WOW unfotunately we ate the whole thing between us

So he's bought some more but is going to add raisens and stuff.....

Think I'd better miss Slimming World this week

trefusis Thu 24-Nov-05 12:40:55

This is fantastic stuff. I made it last week after being told about it on a thread I started asking for traybake ideas. Was advised on there to crush the Maltesers a bit so I put them in a bowl and had at them with the end of a rolling pin - most therapeutic Very successful for the playgroup fair - my only complaint is that there wasn't much left for me to eat.

gscrym Thu 24-Nov-05 16:56:28

I put cranberries in mine and it was lush. Also went down well at work. Must make more after tomorrows trip to the shops.
Might try it with ginger biscuits instead of digestives.

compo Thu 16-Feb-06 20:06:36

Have just made a batch and they are yummy!! Can anyone tell me after they've been in the fridge for setting do they then stay in the fridge until eaten or go in an airtight container?

flutterbee Thu 13-Jul-06 22:49:07

I just made this, and it is bloody delicious.

Hurrah for Mumsnet.

Just had to resurrect this thread to say I have just made this and it's bloody gorgeous!!! Everyone should make some now!

Just found this thread while doing a google search and thought I'd bump it again in case you have never heard of it. Honestly the stuff is like crack!

crikeybadger Wed 01-Dec-10 11:49:44

Me too bumper- I'm gonna try this one out for the school Christmas bazaar on friday.

Only have dark choc but guess that won't matter.

pipplin Thu 02-Dec-10 15:50:41

As DH is wheatfree could I use hobnobs instead or would it be best to stick to wheatfree ginger biscuits. Digestive wheatfree biscuits I have tried are wrong, just wrong imo. sad

crikeybadger Fri 03-Dec-10 10:15:53

wheatfree ginger bics might go well pipplin.

Have just made it using rich tea biscuits and it is divine! grin

SatinandTat Fri 03-Dec-10 12:45:42

Do I break up the maltasers or stir them in whole?

crikeybadger Fri 03-Dec-10 21:36:04

I crushed them as per trefusis' suggestion - may have to make another batch though to try out a few variations.

bluebump Fri 03-Dec-10 21:37:28

My friend at work makes this - it is delicious!

(I can't believe how old this original thread is!)

Well, after reading this, and feeling the pressure of the school christmas fayre tomorrow, I have made this today.

Looks good - I am sure it will sell smile

HopeForTheJingleBells Sun 05-Dec-10 16:00:11

Oooh, thanks for resurrecting this,sounds fab! grin

taffetazatyousantaclaus Sun 05-Dec-10 16:13:48

I have just found one in the new Sainsbo's mag I am going to adapt:

White chocolate, pistachio, amaretti biscuits and dried cranberry fridge cake.

msrisotto Thu 07-Apr-11 19:02:59

Just googled tiffin and this thread came up - it looks gorgeous so deserves a big old BUMP!

I'm supposed to be on a pre wedding diet but fuck it to be honest, this looks too good, life is for living etc etc excuses excuses.....

Pingpong Wed 13-Apr-11 23:19:46

definitely deserves a bump it is delicious!

ComradeJing Fri 04-Jan-13 20:56:22

I'm trying this tonight!

KatoPotato Tue 01-Oct-13 16:40:13

I made this yesterday and used aero mint balls instead and toppe with white choc.

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