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mars bar cake

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carries Fri 23-May-08 19:47:01

This seems such a basic recipe but I don't have it anywhere in any of my dozens of recipe books. Does anyone know the quantities i need to make mars bar cake with rice crispies, mars bars and whatever else?


stirlingmum Fri 23-May-08 20:51:13

This is the one I have...


1 x 65g Mars Bar
40g dark choc
40g butter
3 tbsn golden syrup
75g rice crispies
25g mini marshmallows

melt mars bar, choc, butter and syrup, stirring frequently.
Allow to cool a bit.
Stir in rice crispies and marshmallows.
Spoon into cake cases or press into cake tin and cool.

Scrummy !!

popsycal Fri 23-May-08 20:56:03

i have one that was dh's grandmas
it is stored in my phone blush

melt 3 mars bars with 2 tbs of golden syrup and 4 tbs of marg

stir in some rice crispies or crushed digestives
smooth into greased tray
top with melted chocolate and chill
cut in to bars

that is verbatim from my MIl - although I did leave out the rather patronising 'the big one' as her explanation of tbs hmm

cat64 Fri 23-May-08 21:10:45

Message withdrawn

carries Fri 23-May-08 21:45:02

Thank you so much everyone!

Yum yum yum!

ladymariner Fri 23-May-08 21:46:34

Not going to offer any recipes, just wanted to come on and stare longingly at the words........ can you tell i'm on a diet!!!!!

carries Fri 23-May-08 21:51:20

I'm on a diet too! but day off for DD1 4th birthday.

ladymariner Fri 23-May-08 22:34:56

Happy birthday dd1, hope she has a lovely day - and you get lots of lovely mars bar cake!!! grin

Val20 Mon 19-Nov-12 20:07:57

the recipe for the mars and marshmallow cake can i have it in ounces not grams please thankyou

Panzee Mon 19-Nov-12 20:15:25

<must eat flesh>

But also you can google "what is 75g in oz" and it will tell you.


berri Mon 19-Nov-12 20:19:01

Ooh was looking for something for DS's 4th birthday cake - looks like this might be a winner for parents as well as the kids...thanks for thread!

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