what do you do with mangoes?

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fedda Sat 25-Aug-07 16:54:49

Hi, I bought 3 mangoes for £1 but I only know that you can eat them in fruit salads. What else can I do with them?

thievingmagpie Sat 25-Aug-07 16:56:08

mkae mango chutney...yummm

Rhubarb Sat 25-Aug-07 16:59:40

juggle them

nightshade Sat 25-Aug-07 17:02:54

nice if you skin and slice them, roast them in the oven with a little sugar and cinnamon and serve with a drop of cream or marscapone cheese.

Washersaurus Sat 25-Aug-07 17:06:06


fedda Sat 25-Aug-07 17:07:17

Thank you, nightshade and thievingmagpie. Sorry, I don't like jokes, Rhubarb when I'm asking for advice, do you?

Rhubarb Sat 25-Aug-07 18:22:21

Depends if you have a sense of humour or not!

Sorry if you don't.

bcsnowpea Sat 25-Aug-07 18:23:43

Simmer them with 1 tbsp maple syrup, 1tbsp brandy, then serve with ice cream. Sooooo good.

MyTwopenceworth Sat 25-Aug-07 18:24:40

That's you told, Rhub. Go stand in the corner, facing the wall! wink

Roseylea Sat 25-Aug-07 18:27:08

Just eat them! They are delicious! Or you cuold always make mango sorbet, works v. well and fabbo on a warm day.

But really - au naturel is best. I spent a few months in the Philippines during the mango harvesting time and I ate thousands. I'll never firget camping, sleeping in a hammock under a mango tree [wistful sigh...]

unknownrebelbang Sat 25-Aug-07 18:48:58

But but...you CAN juggle with mangoes.

FrannyandZooey Sat 25-Aug-07 18:57:07

OMG just EAT them

blimey Rhubarb you got your wrists slapped didn't you? Didn't you know better than to joke about something so very serious and delicate as MANGOES hmm

MyTwopenceworth Sat 25-Aug-07 19:00:27

She's not allowed to talk to you Franny. She's still in the corner. Where she will stay until she learns to not be flippant on Very Important Threads.

Lullabyloo Sat 25-Aug-07 19:00:55

have them with passion fruit squeezed over...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

MyTwopenceworth Sat 25-Aug-07 19:02:04

Although I suspect she now has another suggestion as to what the OP may do with her mangoes. wink

FrannyandZooey Sat 25-Aug-07 19:02:17

Actually can I state right now that I DO like people making jokes when I am asking for advice. As long as they are friendly jokes and not at my expense. Which I don't think this was.

I had a lovely mango this morning. Where are they 3 for £1?

Lullabyloo Sat 25-Aug-07 19:02:31


policywonk Sat 25-Aug-07 19:04:10

<slaps Rhubarb around the head>

I am learning lots of interesting things about mangoes.

thievingmagpie Sat 25-Aug-07 19:15:30


unknownrebelbang Tue 28-Aug-07 09:11:25

So fedda, what did you do with the mangoes?

chopster Tue 28-Aug-07 09:13:04

make fruity caramel sauce for over cheesecake or icecream.

I make soup with alphonso mangos, sort of sweet and sour thingy, it's rather tasty.

bran Tue 28-Aug-07 09:34:28

I was going to post my all-time favourite, very easy mango recipie, but now I'm tempted just to tell a joke instead. grin

Q. What is a feminist's favourite non-phallic fruit?
A. Mango

unknownrebelbang Tue 28-Aug-07 16:59:29


fedda Tue 28-Aug-07 17:08:23

I was too busy reading all your jokes so at the end I just decided to eat them one a day. i wish i had some good recipes though. I didn't know that it would make you all laugh. I even though of changing my name because probably whateve I ask now will receive the same reception and if I don't like it you'll just say that I don't have a sence of humour. I don't recall anyone else having such responce with jokes instead of the answer. okay, you can start laughing. It's soooooo funny, isn't it?

roisin Tue 28-Aug-07 17:08:34

I love eating mangoes in the bath, just chomping the flesh straight off the skin, and letting the juice dribble down my face, and neck, and .... TMI I think!

Doing anything to them would be sacrilege.

fedda Tue 28-Aug-07 17:10:00

Yes, whatever...

Milliways Tue 28-Aug-07 17:10:22

Mango Lime & Chilli Marinade on Pork Chops

Milliways Tue 28-Aug-07 17:11:18

oops, ...Served with a mango salsa

policywonk Tue 28-Aug-07 17:14:42

I did nightshade's thing with the roasting and the cinnamon and the sugar. It was pretty yum - but then I'd eat just about anything if it was covered in marscapone.

Greensleeves Tue 28-Aug-07 17:18:44

bloody hell shock

One born every minute.....

<wanders off, befuddled>

unknownrebelbang Tue 28-Aug-07 17:19:37

aw bless fedda. Twas a tad funny for no particular reason, my first thought on reading the thread title was "eat them" lol.

Does this help?

www.google.co.uk/base/search?hl=en&gl=uk&a_n0=recipes&a_y0=9&a_o0=0&a_v1=mango&a_y1=1&a_n1=Main+ingr edient&a_o1=0&a_u1=&a_v2=&a_y2=1&a_n2=Cuisine&a_o2=0&a_u2=&Submit=Go&oi=gb_refinement&ct=more-result s

fedda Tue 28-Aug-07 18:28:59

yes, thanks.

bran Tue 28-Aug-07 20:53:50

Why isn't anyone asking me about my best ever mango recipe? It's for mango, green tea and lime sorbet.

Desiderata Tue 28-Aug-07 21:00:25

Oh, fedda, fedda grin

Mangoes are absolutely gorgeous with rhubarb ....

Desiderata Tue 28-Aug-07 21:00:26

Oh, fedda, fedda grin

Mangoes are absolutely gorgeous with rhubarb ....

Desiderata Tue 28-Aug-07 21:00:49

... and I'll just say that again!

fedda Tue 28-Aug-07 21:10:32

I'd like your recipy, bran, please.

beansprout Tue 28-Aug-07 21:16:05

Has anyone suggested juggling them yet? grin

Desiderata Tue 28-Aug-07 21:17:15

<read the thread, beany!>

winestein Tue 28-Aug-07 21:17:47

<winces in anticipation of backlash>

beansprout Tue 28-Aug-07 21:18:34

I have read it, I was being a mischief making beany imp! smile

fedda Tue 28-Aug-07 21:18:52

Has anyone been aware that there is a special section for jokes on mumsnet where people would really appreciate their humour?

beansprout Tue 28-Aug-07 21:19:40

I was aware but have decided that I am just way too funny to confine myself to one section of MN.

MyTwopenceworth Tue 28-Aug-07 21:20:07

Yeah, ta for the tip. We pretty much post where we like, this being a public forum and all.

fedda Tue 28-Aug-07 21:21:30

Sure, you do that.

bran Tue 28-Aug-07 21:22:40

It's an American recipe so it uses cups

2/3 cup water
good quality green teabag or loose green tea leaves (I use Clearspring organic sencha)
1/2 cup sugar (I usually use fructose)
3 ripe mangoes
3 tablespoons fresh lime juice

Boil kettle and make green tea, allow to steep for 5 mins or so. Pour tea into saucepan, add sugar and bring to a boil. Boil until sugar dissolves, about 1 minute. Remove from heat and cool about 30 minutes.

Peel mangoes and cut fruit from pit. (I cut the flesh off either side of the stone without peeling. Then score a grid in each cut piece almost through to the skin, then push it inside out and remove the cubes.) In a food processor or blender, puree mangoes with lime juice. Add tea and blend until smooth. Pour into a glass 9-inch baking dish and freeze about 3 hours.

Transfer mango mixture to a food processor. Pulse until smooth, 30 to 40 seconds. Serve at once or store in the freezer for up to 2 months. Soften 10 minutes before serving.

All the quantities are approximate, it won't matter much if you use more or less of anything so adjust it to your taste.

MrsWeasley Tue 28-Aug-07 21:23:02

ROFL. this is better than TV!

littlelapin Tue 28-Aug-07 21:23:03

Wow, I have a recipe, but apparently it only tastes nice when served with a sense of humour? wink

So some of you might like it...

Bash a chicken breast flat.
Peel and mush 3/4 kiwi fruit, spread the mush over each side of the chicken, leave for about 15 mins (it will macerate).
Grill or griddle the chicken.

Take the flesh of 2 ripe mangoes and puree. With the food blender running, dribble in the juice of 2 limes, it will emulsify like mayonnaise.

Serve the mango mayo with the chicken and some salad. Fat free and yummy!

southeastastra Tue 28-Aug-07 21:23:04

blimey she only suggested juggling them.

beansprout Tue 28-Aug-07 21:24:06

littlelapin - I'm veggie, so could I make that without the chicken?

Desiderata Tue 28-Aug-07 21:25:39

Any how, mangoes taste like ear wax.

That's why you can get three for a pound grin

littlelapin Tue 28-Aug-07 21:25:40

Oh sure beansprout. I make the mango mayo all the time and just chuck it over salad.

policywonk Tue 28-Aug-07 21:27:01

Tesco are doing buy-one-get-one-free atm, mango fans.

Whoulda thunk there'd be so many things to do with 'em?

beansprout Tue 28-Aug-07 21:27:14


littlelapin Tue 28-Aug-07 21:27:18

<clears throat>

Three men were sentenced to death - a Chinese, a Jamaican, and Trinidadian.

On the day they were scheduled to die, the priest asked each man - "what's your last wish?"

The Chinese man said "Give me a moo goo gai pan." After he ate the meal, they shot him.

The Jamaican was next. He said "give me some ackee, saltfish and jerk chicken." After he ate his meal, they shot him too.

The Trinidadian then gave his last wish. He said: "Well, its a very long time since I have eaten a mango."

The priest replied: "Sorry, its not mango season."

The Trinidadian replied: "Well, I will wait."


bran Tue 28-Aug-07 21:27:47

I suspect that fedda is winding us up, I'm going to rise above it serenely. grin

Alternatively, she comes from a part of the world where people either don't laugh or they only laugh at someone else's expense. I'm thinking that fedda could be either my SIL (no sense of humour, but very moralistic) or an ex-Irish Catholic teaching nun (much the same personality as my SIL but more forceful). grin

SlightlyMadShockwave Tue 28-Aug-07 21:28:10

LL shock but LOL on both levels!!!!

Blandmum Tue 28-Aug-07 21:30:36

I'm going to go to hell for this but I don't care...

you can do *this* with them

Blandmum Tue 28-Aug-07 21:31:39
fedda Tue 28-Aug-07 21:31:40

How right you are, bran. What a genious brain!

MyTwopenceworth Tue 28-Aug-07 21:33:20


littlelapin Tue 28-Aug-07 21:33:38


Oh dear fedda, I just remembered you, I knew I had upset you before! You really DON'T do humour at all, do you...

littlelapin Tue 28-Aug-07 21:34:48

Hey MB, I actually did a class on that when on hols in Thailand once! The lady teaching us carved a scale model of the Taj Mahal from a radish. I managed to make a pineapple look like..... a potato hmm.

fedda Tue 28-Aug-07 21:34:49

What's humour?

Desiderata Tue 28-Aug-07 21:35:00

'101 Things To Do With A Mango ...'

<or a 102 if you eat the feckers>

fedda Tue 28-Aug-07 21:35:55

Are you sure?

littlelapin Tue 28-Aug-07 21:36:43

Are you an American, fedda?

fedda Tue 28-Aug-07 21:37:24

What's American?

Boco Tue 28-Aug-07 21:37:34

I googled mango as i'm was keen to be helpful, and found an obscene picture of someone putting a mango in their bottom. I was tempted to share it, but then seeing how juggling went down, i thought maybe the mangoes in arses would maybe be a Bad Idea.

beansprout Tue 28-Aug-07 21:38:05

Oh pleeaaaassee!! A mango in bum shot would just make my day!

Blandmum Tue 28-Aug-07 21:38:52

sort of curs out the middle bit of actually eating it I suppose

littlelapin Tue 28-Aug-07 21:38:58

I am confused now (and Boco, you are a filthy creature!)

MyTwopenceworth Tue 28-Aug-07 21:39:50

Yowchie. shock

But on the plus side, it does bring us back to my post of Sat 25-Aug-07 19:02:04


SlightlyMadShockwave Tue 28-Aug-07 21:40:03

LL - seeing as we are talking filthy - how was teh footstall last night wink

beansprout Tue 28-Aug-07 21:40:04

Was the pic at mangointhebum/itsnotfunny.com?

littlelapin Tue 28-Aug-07 21:41:01

Oh go on, post it.

What's a footstall? <confused>

Desiderata Tue 28-Aug-07 21:41:07

... are we being fedda line?

Boco Tue 28-Aug-07 21:41:48

I am NOT filthy. I didn't post it, i found it by accident. And on closer inspection, i've spotted that it's actually a front bottom shock I didn't know people did things like that.

fedda Tue 28-Aug-07 21:42:14

Oh, well, I'm famous at last!

Blandmum Tue 28-Aug-07 21:42:32

Thank god it wasn't a watermelon

MyTwopenceworth Tue 28-Aug-07 21:42:35

No Des, I think she really is fedda up!

littlelapin Tue 28-Aug-07 21:42:36

Desi - like this? grin

SlightlyMadShockwave Tue 28-Aug-07 21:43:23

Foot stool maybe.....you know to assist in situations where you feel a little vertically challenged wink

Blandmum Tue 28-Aug-07 21:43:26

Sherlock Holmes used to do it with citrus friut you know

Because it was 'Lemon Entry, My Dear Watson'

Boco Tue 28-Aug-07 21:43:33

fedda upa da mango!

fedda Tue 28-Aug-07 21:44:22

That's not my picture!

MyTwopenceworth Tue 28-Aug-07 21:44:40

Yup Fedda, you are approaching notoriety.

Come on, gizza smile.......

fedda Tue 28-Aug-07 21:45:07

Boco voco da flamingo.

littlelapin Tue 28-Aug-07 21:45:15

oh NORTY SMS! grin

fedda, are you being funny! shock grin

southeastastra Tue 28-Aug-07 21:46:06


fedda Tue 28-Aug-07 21:46:09

What's funny?

SlimNanny Tue 28-Aug-07 21:46:35

your all bein meen to fedder

but you can use them in place of chicken fillits

see my pro-file for pix

LucyJones Tue 28-Aug-07 21:47:30

I like sweet and sour, so mangoes ad chicken with rice is my kind of thing.
Don't have a recipe though....

LucyJones Tue 28-Aug-07 21:49:00
Desiderata Tue 28-Aug-07 21:49:03

Anyhow, enough of this frivolity. To get back to the matter in hand, mangoes taste like shit.

So I would juggle with them.


littlelapin Tue 28-Aug-07 21:50:18

Shut up Desi. Mangoes are scrummy.

Randomly looking in Google images, I found this (sorry fedda, all humour no mango wink)

Tortington Tue 28-Aug-07 21:50:19

oh my fucking good god.

the girl is a little sensitive - granted but fuck me if you dont like nothing else but to inflame situations

like a pack of fucking wolves you lot

littlelapin Tue 28-Aug-07 21:51:14

Mangoes with custard - yummy.

She's joining in now, Custy! grin

LucyJones Tue 28-Aug-07 21:51:24

agree custardo

MrsWeasley Tue 28-Aug-07 21:52:05

I must have my computer set up all wrong when I googled Mango, I got mangos, the fruit, the cat called mango, several dishes with mangos, camping at mango drift, even a dress in the shape of a mango but no bottom pictures hmm

Blandmum Tue 28-Aug-07 21:52:16

Prefer my mangos with greek yoghurt, they are too sweet to go with custard IMHO.

Nice grilled.

She is joining in custy

Tortington Tue 28-Aug-07 21:53:49

that's alright then

Desiderata Tue 28-Aug-07 22:15:59

Ah, feck the mangoes, LL. It won't be long before the rugger starts and we shall have weightier issues to discuss grin

fedda Tue 28-Aug-07 22:19:22

I just had a terrible thought that you all don't know any more things for the poor mangoes. Would you then give me some ideas for watermelons?

Desiderata Tue 28-Aug-07 22:24:12

Flood defences? smile

littlelapin Tue 28-Aug-07 23:14:26

fedda, you are being increasingly funny grin

fedda Tue 28-Aug-07 23:59:23

Was I?

Boco Wed 29-Aug-07 12:37:54

I like Fedda very much. She is funny, and i'm going to change my name to Boco voco da flamingoes.

Blandmum Wed 29-Aug-07 12:41:36

'What can you do with mangos' just sounds funny.

Far more amusing than, 'What can I do with a pound of mince'

But 'what can I do with a pound of mince and and onion' is more amusing.

Is it to do with the shape, I wonder?

springflowerslapin Wed 29-Aug-07 12:43:09

"What can you do with a large cucumber?"

Blandmum Wed 29-Aug-07 12:45:21

The inuendo (fnar) oportunities offered by a cucumber are almost endless.

Likewise, 'What can I do with a banana'

or a kumquat

I think that a turnip is a safe bet though

Boco Wed 29-Aug-07 12:56:50

What can i do with a guadalupe is baffling.

springflowerslapin Wed 29-Aug-07 12:58:56
Guadalupe Wed 29-Aug-07 13:05:47

Did you call me, Boco?

I was made an asparagus risotto with a prawn and mango salad once. Delicious.

Boco Wed 29-Aug-07 13:11:50

Guadalupe is really a wonderful name. I should have called both my dds Guadalupe. [missed boat emoticon]

Apparently the fruit is a bit like dates though, and that's a little off putting, it sounds like it should be juicier than that.

leo1978 Wed 29-Aug-07 13:16:40

I make jerk chicken with a mango, tomato and cucumber salsa. Roast a sweet potato and a spoonful of yoghurt and you're laughing!

winestein Wed 29-Aug-07 18:31:42

re cucumbers: anyone else remember the thread a couple of years ago where someone asked what they could do with 2 cucumbers? Now that didn't turn out quite the way the OP anticipated either...

unknownrebelbang Wed 29-Aug-07 18:33:40

TWO cucumbers?

That's just greedy.

MyTwopenceworth Wed 29-Aug-07 18:34:44

Who was it?

Just so I know to never go round to their place for a salad.

fedda Wed 29-Aug-07 21:13:33

So sad, no ideas for watermelons then? What about tomatoes?

I have tons of recipes for tomatoes as we planted 6 and had 9 more come up on their own out of the garden. However, they are all in American, since that is where I am, and since you don't even know what an American is, they won't help. wink

fedda Wed 29-Aug-07 21:21:18

Do you care to explain?

I was going to link a simple recipe for Parmesan Chicken Paillards with Tomato Sauce, but the site is down right now. The sauce is simple and excellent, and matches great with the chicken, or is good on pasta or other things, but the website it is on is down. I have to run to take the kids to the Dr. for their checkups, but will try later if I remember. There's also an out of this world recipe for mango bread pudding on there, and I don't even like bread pudding much.

fedda Wed 29-Aug-07 21:51:24

Lucky you.

Blandmum Thu 30-Aug-07 08:11:20

Green tomato chutney


Rhubarb Fri 31-Aug-07 16:27:28

Oh my giddy aunt!

Doodledootoo Fri 31-Aug-07 16:32:06

Message withdrawn

winestein Fri 31-Aug-07 16:33:59

Yeah, look what you did Rhubs. This has to be the longest thread in Recipes ever shock

Lol Doodle.

Rhubarb Fri 31-Aug-07 16:39:33

To think that one throwaway comment could have had such an impact! I'm rather proud!

I take it the OP can't juggle then?

Doodledootoo Fri 31-Aug-07 16:54:20

Message withdrawn

lulumama Fri 31-Aug-07 16:55:07

only clicked to see why a thread about mangoes got so many posts !!

Aitch Fri 31-Aug-07 16:57:06

lulu can you do me a favour and email me? aitch at baby led weaning dot com? grin

Rhubarb Fri 31-Aug-07 16:58:41

'Tis a very funny thread, however unintentional!

lulumama Fri 31-Aug-07 17:00:24

will do so now aitch.

anbd just draw everyones attention to this that made me spit my tea out !!

By martianbishop on Tue 28-Aug-07 21:43:26
Sherlock Holmes used to do it with citrus friut you know

Because it was 'Lemon Entry, My Dear Watson'

Aitch Fri 31-Aug-07 17:01:46

i've just read the thread and also pmsl at that. she's a teacher you know. shock

Rhubarb Fri 31-Aug-07 17:06:09

How very dare she imply that Holmes shags lemons! As a member of the Sherlock Holmes Society I am disgusted by her remark and shall have to report that post immediately!

Aitch Fri 31-Aug-07 17:21:43

<wonders if, technically, the lemon is shagging the world-famous detective>

Dinosaur Fri 31-Aug-07 17:22:49

ooh Aitch, that's interesting, you've pictured it the other way round (so to speak) grin

Aitch Fri 31-Aug-07 17:30:24

wouldn't it nip otherwise?

Aitch Fri 31-Aug-07 17:30:42

actually... hmm

Mhamai Fri 31-Aug-07 18:04:15

---------->>> shock Picture of a lemon giving head.

FritesMenthe Sun 16-Aug-09 09:26:36

is this in? because if it isn't it should be - What do you do with mangoes?

FritesMenthe Sun 16-Aug-09 09:32:42

oops, posted on wrong thread. was nominating this in Mumsnet Classics blush

shakirashakira Fri 04-Sep-09 11:34:17

OMG is Fedda still here? She is such good value!

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