Which herbs/spices go well with butternut squash?

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TooTicky Sun 10-Jun-07 12:27:10

Carmenere Sun 10-Jun-07 12:28:39

chilli, coriander and cumin go well or alternatively sage and oregano.

SpacePuppy Sun 10-Jun-07 12:30:33

cinnamon if you like a "sweeter" taste.
nutmeg if you are cooking meat with it.

Lilliput Sun 10-Jun-07 12:35:31

I make a butternut and ginger soup which people always love when I dish it up.

TooTicky Sun 10-Jun-07 12:41:50

Thanks. I'm cooking it whole as I can't face peeling it.

SpacePuppy Sun 10-Jun-07 12:42:51

if you don't want to peel, cut in half and scoop out the pips, fill with something nice, wrap in tin foil or put in covered baking dish and cook!

policywonk Sun 10-Jun-07 12:43:22

Second sage - sage and walnuts with roasted squash is lovely (best to dice the squash though. Possibly using a power tool.)

barina Sun 10-Jun-07 12:45:25

Just chop it up into bits, bit of olive oil and roast it?
How are you cooking it whole, in the oven?
To do what with it? I'm intrigued!

Daemara Sun 10-Jun-07 12:50:56

Its not to everyones taste but when I was little my dad used to put some butter, brown sugar and a dash of cinnamon, to make it sweet a bit like a sweet potato, never any complaints though, I might have to make it sometime soon as a comfort food.

TooTicky Sun 10-Jun-07 13:10:38

I've cut it in half, sprinkled one half with mixed spice and the other with sage and salt and filled its hollow with onion and more sage. Have just bunged them in the oven. Ought I to have wrapped them?

rislip Sun 10-Jun-07 13:53:13

Coriander seeds, chilli flakes, salt and pepper - smash them up in the mortar and sprinkle on. It's hot, so not too kiddy friendly. Jamie Oliver does a really delicious warm salad with pecorino, rocket, parma ham and this spicy style squash.

LazyLine Sun 10-Jun-07 13:55:43

Another vote for the coriander seeds, they are marvellous with squash.

Don't use too many though, it's easy to over do it.

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