Pirate themed birthday cake.

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Leander Mon 15-Jan-07 12:04:22

Ds is having a pirate birthday party at the weekend and i cant buy a pirate cake in the shops, so I thought I would attempt to make one
I am ok at baking but any ideas for an eashish cake would be great.

LIZS Mon 15-Jan-07 12:08:57

Make a pudding bowl shaped cake, cover with yellow/cream ready rolled icing, blue/white streaky butter icing around the base, then add black sweets or shaped balls of icing as rocks around base. Use Playmobil figures or similar on top, small box for treasure chest (from biscuits or fingers) filled with coloured sugar balls etc - Treasure Island !

MrsBadger Mon 15-Jan-07 12:09:25

I am lazy so would make a Pirate Island cake - lumpy cake sprinkled with demerara sugar to look like sand, on blue board/tray, decorated with Playmobil / Lego pirates, palm trees treasure etc

(had a real moment of deja vu - was sure I'd posted it before... and I have !)

Blu Mon 15-Jan-07 12:09:57

I made a Treasure Island cake. Actually I have made two. One was the island - piled up bits of cake in a humpy islad shape, copvered it in coloured roll-out icing, added waterfalls made of blue icing, a rock offshore, etc.

Then I made a Treasure map version - pale yellow roll out, with Treasure Map features iced on in 'writing icing'.

I slao made a Pirate Ship, roughly from a book - but it had to be held together with kebab sticks because the buttercream holding it together kept melting. Basically it was built up from loaf shaped cakes, iced with choc butercream, with portholes made from choc buttons, much use of cadbury;s choc fingers, I think. It was a right faddle!

aDad Mon 15-Jan-07 12:10:41

Nothing easy springs to mind

Maybe a round cake and just ice a skull and crossbones onto it?

aDad Mon 15-Jan-07 12:11:28

my idea is shite compared to the previous ones!

buktus Mon 15-Jan-07 12:13:09

i have seen a normal round cake with icing made in the shape of a pirates face with a bandana part at the top and black icing eye patch, squiggly nose and smile, dont know how to describe it any better

LIZS Mon 15-Jan-07 12:13:21

Waitrose do one btw - but it is over £40 and may be too late to order now.

zubb Mon 15-Jan-07 12:13:30

I made a treasure chest cake for ds2 - make a large square cake and cut out a square from the middle, then ice (I did a chocolate cake and chocolate icing). Fill the inside of the 'chest' with sweets / smarties etc, and decorate round the chest with silver balls / smarties ...

best thing is you get a square of cake to eat yourself before the party! Or I'm sure you could use it to make something else!

pageturner Mon 15-Jan-07 12:13:32

I did one a few years ago and went for a pirate map: blue buttercream all over for the sea, green fondant icing (from good cake decorating shop or cookshop), rolled out and cut into a map shape. We used plastic pirates (also from cake shop, but could use ELC/playmobil if you have them), playmobil treasure chest filled with jelly tots for treasure. I use those tubes you can get in the supermarket in different colours: black (obv!) for X marks the spot, but you could do map gridlines with it if you wanted.

Or, skull and crossbones, pirate's head (with hat)?

I love doing cakes, but can't do fancy decorating techniques. I like to think of what I'd like to do then find an easy way of doing it!

Anchovy Mon 15-Jan-07 12:15:57

DH made a pirate ship cake last year for DS - a three dimensional galleon. In fact, really easy: you just make a large square cake then cut it into blocks and piece it together, sticking it together with buttercream icing as glue/mortar. I have to say it looked sensational (he put chocolate coins all round the base and lego monkeys in the rigging).

Its from the Australian Woman's Weekly cake book - can scan and send you the recipe if you are interested. I think my only caveat is that although it is v easy it is quite time consuming - I ended up having to do all the rest of the stuff while DH perfected this. So if you don't have buckets of time or a willing helper to do the humdrum boring stuff (me, in this case!) its probably a bit much. But it really is v v easy.

cupcakes Mon 15-Jan-07 12:16:43

This was my easy peasey pirate cake:

Make the malteser cake from Nigellas's Feast (with the maltesers on top).

Add a toy canon and pirate candles and label it as...

canonball cake!

my ds loved it at his pirate party (but then, he has never had huge expectations in my cake decorating abilities...)

Anchovy Mon 15-Jan-07 12:17:05

That Australian Woman's Weekly book also shows you how to do a treasure chest type cake.

flatmouse Mon 15-Jan-07 12:18:45

I did treasure chest too - one big square cake, cut in half, trim one to shape the "top of the chest" and use trimmings to support the top over the bottom.

Ice, fill with chocolate money (ie wrapped in silver and gold), used licorice and little choc things to "stud" the chest.

Put on a tray on top of sand (yellow dessicated coconut). Was much enjoyed.

cupcakes Mon 15-Jan-07 12:19:37

\link{http://www.caketoppers.co.uk/index.asp-Q-Item-E-pirates-cake-candles--23226565--1\pirate candles)

cupcakes Mon 15-Jan-07 12:22:30

pirate candles

Porpoise Mon 15-Jan-07 12:26:46

how about this?
cake is dead easy. rigging a bit fiddlier
looks fab though!

LizP Mon 15-Jan-07 12:42:43

I second porpoises' suggestion - I did that for when ds2 was 4 - at the time I had no kitchen - so I a brought a round chocolate cake and 'Betty Crocker' icing and assembled it at the party - it looked really good and was so easy.

Twiglett Mon 15-Jan-07 12:45:32

I made a square cake .. covered it in black icing (ready-made from sainsbury's)

made royal icing and piped a skull and crossbones on greaseproof paper and allowed to dry ( you can sketch it with pencil first .. use it like tracing paper) ... then just carefully peel off and stick on top of cake

voila skull n crossbones

Leander Mon 15-Jan-07 12:51:30

I knew i could rely on mumsnet to help me out.There are some fantastic ideas on here, I was thinking of a treasure chest, but now im totally undecided, the ship sounds a bit fiddly not sure if i will have the time of the patience.Treasure Island sounds pretty easy. I will let you know what I decide and if it turns out ok I might even post a picture

princessmel Mon 15-Jan-07 12:53:36

Look on member profiles at the 2 I made last week for my son. I don't know how to do links.
It was called princessmel's homemade birthday cakes.
They were very simple really.

princessmel Mon 15-Jan-07 12:58:51

I'm going to bump it up as i don't know how to do links.

HEIFER Mon 15-Jan-07 13:01:35

pirate cake tin

found this (and loads of other stuff on ebay - just did a search on pirate in cake decorating..

I had a dora edible picture that went onto the cake, but I can't find the website I bought it from...

JackieNo Mon 15-Jan-07 13:06:02

Link to Princessmel's thread .

princessmel Mon 15-Jan-07 13:08:45

Thanks JackieNo!!!
I really need to know how to do that.

I never know what to type after \link{http:

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