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fish recipes that don't taste too fishy

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lackingideas Tue 21-Jan-14 23:41:42

I don't really like fish, but I've decided I should start cooking it, for health reasons and in the hope my DC will end up less fussy than me!

Can anyone recommend recipes that I might like? I need to avoid dairy.

HighVoltage Wed 22-Jan-14 08:23:37

Home made fishcakes might be a good start - there is a good recipe at the end of this article.

And if you like pesto, try this salmon with pesto topping which is really tasty and I don't think fishy at all.

Rice, peas, leeks and flaked fish is tasty; add other stuff like mushrooms , peppers etc

Snowdown Wed 22-Jan-14 11:35:23

You need to choose your fish carefully. The fresher the fish the less fishy it will smell and taste. I fry some white finish in butter, skin side down to give a really crispy skin, flip over when 3/4 of the thickness of fish is cooked. Serve with a fresh cherry tomato sauce - add some chopped capers for the adults, some greens and new potatoes.

fish curry?
Fish in tomato & veg sauce with pasta?

And every now and again there's a place for a fish finger sandwich with ketchup!

Fish n chips grin

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