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skillsandtea Tue 21-Jan-14 18:14:40

We've got friends coming for Sunday lunch and it usually goes on for hours and into the evening so we'd usually eat the main lunch about 2:30. I'm doing a slow roast lamb shoulder with red cabbage, beans, roasties and poss cauliflower cheese (if that goes?) Anyway, I wasn't going to do individual starters so thought I might do crudités with hummus and grissini as there will be kids aged 8-16. I thought for grown ups I could do antipasto. What do you think? And what should u include? Was thinking salami, prosciutto, artichoke, cheeses maybe? Ideas would be very welcome please...

Olives olives and more olives in our house!

Sun dried tomatoes in oil?
Pesto for dipping?

21mealspluscake Wed 22-Jan-14 15:41:58

If it goes on for hours into the evening think I'd be inclined to do dips with crudités and grissini and olives and nuts for when people arrive and then add more after lunch - so have sweets but also cheese and biscuits, grapes and clementines, nice chocolates so people can continue to nibble and you don't have to come up with more food!

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