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Guests coming. If we BBQ for lunch what shall I feed them for dinner?

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Trying to avoid too much work. I shall make some interesting salads and we've got a variety of BBQ things to eat. That will take me a couple of hours to prep as I'll make a pud too.
Ordinarily dh and I wouldn't bother with dinner after a big BBQ, we would just feed the kids in the evening and maybe eat some leftovers much later.
So any ideas for a post BBQ dinner? Wondering about making a lasagne the day before and giving that to adults and kids?

BIWI Sun 04-Aug-13 14:44:16


snowlie Sun 04-Aug-13 22:26:28

I'd go for a bit of a smorgusboard - good cheeses, with deli bits and pieces - artichokes, olives, roast veg, BBQ leftovers, good bread with a homemade cake to finish.
Most people eat one big meal a day, I really don't think they'd feel short changed by something casual in the evening.

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