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Too much cereal and yoghurt?

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SplashOfMilk Sun 14-Jul-13 17:52:49

This heat wave has coincided with 19mo DD's latest "difficult" stage and now she won't really eat anything except porridge, yoghurt and cereal with the odd bite of fruit and avocado. Is this terrible for her? Will she ever eat normal food again?! I think she's teething and is getting over a virus too

mumtolilh Sun 14-Jul-13 18:36:49

My 20 month old lb has been off food for the last few days too.Im sure they will make up for it.I think as long as they are getting enough fluids & having wet nappies its fine.If it goes on much longer then seek professional advice.my lb also goes off food when teething :-(
Sounds like she's having a bit of a tough time but she will bounce back soon enough ;-)

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