What size cake to bake?

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AngsanaTree Sun 19-May-13 02:05:26

I want to make my son's birthday cake. Chocolate of course. I am not sure what size to make. There will be 15 children and then their parent(s). I don't mind making a bit bigger as I will be mortified if it runs out.

I'm not sure what size cake mould to buy and bake. Does it matter if it is round or square? I prefer round as I can do the icing more easily.

mathanxiety Sun 19-May-13 02:10:33

Bake two 9" cakes. One can have the lettering if any and candles, and the other can be held in the wings for slicing. Parents won't mind if they get a slice without Happy Birthday letters on it.

mathanxiety Sun 19-May-13 02:11:42

Or do one large rectangular cake (13x9ish) and cut everyone a square.

wintersdawn Sun 19-May-13 03:28:57

square cakes are easier to portion than round ones, sponge tends to get cut into 1x2 inch pieces for weddings so a 10 inch square gets u 50 portions, which would be plenty for you and means you could cut bigger portions if wanted.

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