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Made this up I'll tell you how it goes. Be amazed if dss eat it though?

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It was delicious, dss eaten it and they loved the bread. The rolls were more like mini loaves though grin

I had to make some chicken stretch so thought I'd have a go with a Campbell's tin of soup and some veg.
I browned the chicken and a finely chopped red pepper, a finely chopped leek and a couple of spring onions in olive oil with some rapeseed oil. Added some chopped mushrooms and mixed herbs/seasoning. Then added the tin of soup (chicken) and around 200ml white cooking wine. Simmered whilst thinly slicing 3 4 small sweet pots with the mandoline. Put chicken and veg in lasagne dish and layered the pots on top, grated parmesan on top. Covered it with foil and baked low for 30 mins and have just taken the top off for last bit, 20 mins or so.

Meanwhile have made some white bread buns to go in when I take the chicken dish out. It should stay hot for a while? I decided to do these at the last minute otherwise would've put them in for last 20 mins when doing the browning.

So we shall see how it tastes? Be great if dss like it as it's so easy. Plus works out around a fiver for 4 adult portions.

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